Stamina in Bed

Despite all the talk about how quality and not quantity is important, despite the assurances that “it was good” and despite the best efforts in foreplay, sex and lovemaking is about one thing and one thing only: achieving a great arousal and orgasm. This is true not only for men, but also for women. This ultimate goal thus presents guys with a very important task.

The task is to have a good erection and to last with this erection and with adequate performance in bed for so long that you can satisfy your partner to the maximum. That’s why I’m going to cover stamina in bed in this topic and what all goes along with it.

The statistics on the average length of sex must open the eyes of even the most idealistic. In fact, surveys show that sex usually lasts 5 to 7 minutes, which for most women may not even be physiologically sufficient to achieve arousal and orgasm. So there’s a lot of catching up to do.

What Is Stamina in Bed

Although there are no explicit limits or definitions for sexual stamina in bed or sexual stamina during lovemaking, it is true that this term refers to the period of time during which a man can remain in a state of full erection without reaching climax, i.e. without ejaculation.

  • Therefore, stamina in bed involves, first of all, a good blood supply to the penis and a subsequent erection, which should be firm, lasting and long-lasting
  • Secondly, sexual stamina is also dependent on libido and arousal, which are factors affecting ejaculation, which should not occur too early
  • At the same time, one should not forget about the physical stamina of the man, especially in terms of fitness

Poor stamina in bed is a problem not only for the partner, but also for you as a man. Although a man can reach orgasm very quickly, he can’t enjoy the journey to orgasm, or arousal, enough. This robs him of a great emotional experience, as arousal and sexual stimulation release happiness hormones in the brain.

When it comes to getting enough stamina in bed, you need to improve in these three areas:

  • First of all, it is erection, or hardening, where the prerequisite for sufficient stamina is to achieve a good and hard erection, but also to maintain it, which should be associated with proper sexual stimulation.
  • Secondly, it is sexual arousal, which must be controlled, Otherwise, an orgasm can be reached very quickly within a few minutes and the partner will remain unsatisfied
  • In the third place, the course of sexual intercourse is also important, not only its length, and here it is necessary to use different sexual techniques and practices, and of course to alternate the lovemaking positions.

From a physiological point of view, I mentioned that physical fitness is also essential. This is true, which is why I recommend that men take regular exercise, preferably vigorous running or exercise. Mental vitality is also very important, eliminate all stress before sex, give yourself a rest and relax. All this affects your stamina in bed, but also the quality of sex.

Speaking of quality, it’s not just about mechanical rules:

  • don’t forget passion, French kisses and touches at the beginning work wonders
  • spontaneity and getting out of the routine is also important , try some sex games or new erotic aids
  • changes in different positions and sexual practices have worked well for us
  • you can also try changing the place of lovemaking, unconventional places increase the excitement
  • try tried and tested aphrodisiacs, for example Spanish flies

It’s Not Just About the Man, It’s Also About His Partner

Although it is mostly true that the lack of stamina in bed is mainly a matter of the man’s side, his partner also influences how to prolong sexual stamina. This is mainly about the way of teasing and stimulation, foreplay, but also about the choice of a suitable love position.

Which Factors Affect Stamina in Bed

Since stamina in bed is mainly and primarily related to the stamina to delay ejaculation and climax as much as possible, most of the factors are from this area. Some are short-term and can be solved with simple changes, such as more frequent intercourse. Others, however, are also of a disease nature and are more likely to be the cause of some more serious diagnoses.

These are the most common factors and causes of staying in bed too short:

  • Sexual experience: the less sexual experience a man has, the sooner he will climax and the less stamina he will have in bed. This direct proportion is almost always true, even if you masturbate regularly. Although more frequent masturbation may slightly reduce the accumulated sexual energy, it is no substitute for the experience of intercourse.
  • Regularity of sexual intercourse: the second very similar factor is the regularity or rather irregularity of sexual intercourse. Again, masturbation can reduce the accumulated and unused sexual energy in some ways, but never as much as regular intercourse. The more often and the more a man has sex, the longer his stamina may be prolonged.
  • Defects and inflammations on the penis: Among the factors that will already be more difficult to affect are various unpleasant manifestations and symptoms on the penis. These may include physiological deformities, sometimes from birth, or infections and inflammation, such as foreskin inflammation or urinary tract inflammation. There are also problems that affect arousal.
  • Psychogenic factors: psychology also has a big influence on stamina in bed and during sex, and by that I mean both on maintaining an erection and on delaying ejaculation sufficiently. These are mainly stress, nervousness and fear, which are typical for less experienced and less confident men. Overwork and mental overload are also a problem, these are very negative influences.
  • Engorgement of the genital organ: The proper functioning of the blood supply to the sexual organ has a direct influence on the maintenance of a quality erection for a sufficiently long time. This depends on the patency of blood vessels due to civilization diseases such as cholesterol and diabetes, but also on the functioning of the mechanism of stretching of the musculature of blood vessels. Less blood supply also means worse maintenance of an erection.
  • Physical fitness: the last factor to mention in relation to stamina in bed is physical fitness. If you don’t get enough exercise, or are overweight and obese, this negatively affects both erection and the physical strength needed for sexual intercourse. In 15 minutes, a man can burn up to 300 calories during sex, so sex is a really physically demanding activity.

Disorders, Problems and Diseases Associated With Bed Rest

Several of these causes can cause serious sexual dysfunction if left unaddressed for a long time. The end result of these problems can then be a short stamina in bed and lack of sexual satisfaction for the female partner. In truth, however, it is not only the partner who suffers, but also the man, the quality of his sex life decreases radically.

These are the disorders that appear the most:

  • Sagging erections: probably the most well-known problem is the difficulty in maintaining a good erection. If it does occur, a man is unable to keep his erection in 100% condition for more than a few minutes. Physiologically, a man can maintain an erection for up to an hour, but if there is a problem with sufficient blood supply to the penis, an erection for 5 minutes can be a problem.
  • Premature ejaculation: the second very common problem is the condition of too rapid or premature ejaculation. Technically, this is ejaculating within 1 to 2 minutes of the onset of sexual arousal. Most often, excessive libido, high arousal, short bridle or inflammation or infection related to the glans or urethra is behind this disorder.
  • Too high libido: One of the common problems related to rapid ejaculation is high libido. This can indeed boost an erection, but usually only for the start, not its stamina. Conversely, an excess of sexual energy and sexual appetite has a precipitating effect on reaching a too-early climax right from the start of sexual arousal.
  • High excitability: high excitability is also problematic. This is a disorder that most often has its causes in the nervous system and its malfunctioning, sometimes in combination with high libido. This is because the nervous system reacts inadequately to stimuli from sexual stimulation and the result is again too rapid ejaculation.
  • Weakening of the pelvic floor muscles: The PC musculature has a big impact on stamina in bed in terms of maintaining an erection and also controlling orgasm. These are the muscles located at the bottom of the pelvis that control, for example, urination and its cessation. They weaken with age, and if you don’t practice Kegel exercises, for example, these muscles can weaken completely.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out to a Doctor

While milder disorders of erection length or ejaculating too quickly caused by accumulated sexual energy are even less serious conditions, for serious forms of these problems I definitely recommend seeing a doctor. He or she can determine both the cause and treatment for the disorder.

How to Improve and Promote Stamina in Bed

So the most important question is how to increase stamina in bed, and preferably in a way that is as effective and natural as possible. I must say that the best answer to this will be given to every man by experience, but on the other hand, by the time you get it, it may be too late.

  • For me, the only right way has been to patiently and gradually suppress the negative factors affecting sexual function and promote the positive influences.

As you probably already guessed, I’m talking mainly about lifestyle and diet. Apart from these, it is also possible to try some one-off home measures that can help you until you are able to affect your stamina during lovemaking in a long-term and natural way by improving the health and functioning of your erection and ejaculation.

The following steps, tips, tricks and measures have worked well for me:

  • Start by suppressing negative lifestyle influences, I mean alcohol, stress, smoking and excessive physical or mental exertion
  • Continue with changes in diet and eating, less meat, salt and sugar, more care should be taken to the supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, for example in fruits and nuts
  • Start running, exercise and move regularly, it also helps to increase libido, but also to normalize the activity of the cardiovascular system
  • I also recommend more frequent sex, if you have a problem with too fast climaxing, try intermittent intercourse
  • if you want to solve the problem of premature ejaculation as quickly as possible, you can try numbing and anesthetic gels on the penis, or condoms with this effect
  • To prolong erections, you can also use the power of natural stimulants, for example, the well-known herbs Tribulus Terrestris and Chili pepper help to better and longer maintain an erection

Frequently Asked Questions About Stamina in Bed

When it comes to stamina in bed and overall sexual stamina, both men and their partners are interested in virtually all aspects of sex life. Most questions are directed towards how to ensure a longer lasting erection, or how to delay a man’s climax so that he can satisfy his partner. Here are the most common questions with my answers:

  1. What Should Be the Ideal Length of Intercourse?

    Current figures say that the average time for sex is between 5 and 7 minutes, and this is especially true for young and very old couples. However, according to the survey, most lovers would like roughly double the time. My experience, as well as that of my partner, confirms this ideal.
    stamina in bed

  2. In What Time From the Improvement of the Lifestyle Will There Be a Prolongación de la erección?

    It is not a matter of one or two days to improve weight loss through regimen and dietary or lifestyle improvements, although some positive signs will come very soon, for example with smoking cessation. Rather, however, count in weeks; natural aphrodisiacs can speed this up.
    stamina in bed

  3. Will More Frequent Masturbation Help Me Last Longer?

    Yes, especially if you don't have enough sexual experience yet or have too little sex and thus have too much libido and unused sexual energy. However, try to intermittent stimulation even when masturbating and practice delaying ejaculation.
    stamina in bed

  4. Which Positions Are Best for Delaying Ejaculation?

    Experience shows that it should be a position where the man has freedom to move his pelvis. Thus, it can be the position from behind or the missionary position. There is also the so-called luteal position, similar to the missionary position, where the woman is on top, but with a distance from the man and a bent knee.
    stamina in bed

  5. What Can a Woman Do to Delay a Man's Orgasm?

    In addition to intermittent intercourse, a woman can also try some special techniques and exercises to delay ejaculation. These include, for example, the Masters-Johnson method, which involves squeezing the end of the glans and bridle before ejaculation using the thumb and forefinger.
    stamina in bed

How Erection Prolonging and Ejaculation Delaying Pills Work and Why I Recommend Them

If you would like to improve your stamina during sex, one of the options to harness the power of nature is the Endurance pill. These are over-the-counter preparations designed to prolong erections while delaying ejaculation. Don’t worry, these are safe to use.

On the contrary, the mechanism of action is based on natural substances:

  • The basis of the composition are plant aphrodisiacs improving erection together with amino acids that prolong it, but also extracts of herbs acting on arousal and the nervous system

Thus, a combination of substances with versatile effects can be found in the preparations. Traditionally, there are Maca to improve libido and amino acids such as L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, which help to dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation to the penis. Herbs that calm the nervous system, such as Asian Allspice, work to delay ejaculation and reduce overexcitability.

Pills in addition:

  • You can buy without prescription and without prior medical examination, several brands are even sold by the manufacturers through their official eshops
  • They bring natural action and trouble-free use, side or side effects are really minimal
  • They also allow long-term use, for example, I myself took one brand for 3 or 4 months to make the effectiveness of the active ingredients as good as possible

When buying, make sure that the composition is transparent and that the product is approved by the Public Health Authority. When it comes to dosage, most brands work on regular daily use, some are taken once before intercourse.

Support the Pill With Other Measures

In addition to the tablets, you should also focus on the other regimen measures and changes that I also described above. The goal should be to naturally achieve the longest stamina possible, the pills are just a boost in the form of a bonus. A nice bonus, but it shouldn’t be the only one.

Pills I’ve Tried and My Experience With Them

I admit that I gained experience with the above pills mainly because I had problems with stamina during sex and it negatively reflected on the quality of my sexual and partner life. Fortunately, this is now in the past, but before I found preparations that really helped me, I had to try dozens of brands.

Today, I would no longer look only at the promises on the packaging when choosing them, but mainly at the testimonials from men who have used them. If you can’t decide what might help you best, you can take inspiration from my experience: