The term potency is really very broad and although the word impotence is familiar to most men, everyone can imagine something different under the name potency. However, potency in men is mainly about the ability to achieve an érection and at the same time the ability to procreate. It is these two assumptions that probably best describe the word.

Potency and its quality are influenced by a large number of circumstances and factors. For example, there are such common things as diet or lifestyle, but also more serious causes, such as certain types of cardiovascular, neurological or metabolic diseases.

However, the topic of potency is much more complex and involves not only the proper functioning of an erection or sufficient la fertilité, but also, for example, libido, healthy éjaculation and the overall healthy functioning of the reproductive system. That is why we will look at it in a more comprehensive way.

What Is Potency?

Wikipedia and other encyclopedias define potency as the ability and possibility of sexual intercourse, or the biological ability to procreate. This is a fairly accurate and concise characterization, but it is too simplistic and does not capture the full breadth of the concept.

  • Potency refers to all physiological events and activities related to the reproductive system that affect a man’s ability to procreate
  • Potency is influenced both by the overall health of the man, as well as by some specific and local factors
  • The opposite of potency is impotence, but neither condition is immutable and absolute

Potency basically includes the activity of the gonads, the genital system and the genital organs. Problems in just one of these areas can seriously impair potency as a whole, but they may not even have any serious effect on it. It always depends on the intensity of both the negative and positive factors of each component of the whole.

In a healthy man, the following characteristics are characteristic of potency:

  • the right level of sexual appetite associated with arousal, feelings of energy and sexual activity based on direct or indirect stimulation
  • a healthy onset of hardening, the ability to maintain it over a longer period of time and 100% erection quality with or without flaccidity during intercourse
  • a climax based on prolonged sexual stimulation, without distractions or moments related to premature or, on the contrary, delayed ejaculation adequate sperm count and quality, i.e. biological fertility and the ability to produce offspring in the proper course of sexual intercourse

In the event that in a man any of these qualities or characteristics do not apply, we are talking about problems with potency. If you can’t achieve a firm and long-lasting erection, for example, this also affects orgasme or fertility. In the case of potency, everything is related to everything, which is why the concept is so complex.

The following problems are most often associated with poor quality potency:

  • A problem with low libido, i.e. a low appetite for sex, manifested by a lack of interest in physical contact
  • A problem with the onset of an erection, which is manifested by a prolonged onset of hardening
  • A problem with erection quality, i.e. lack of hardening, which may be either of poor quality or often flaccid
  • A problem with éjaculation précoce, usually within a few minutes of the start of sexual stimulation
  • Fertility problems, such as insufficient sperm production or low sperm motility

Impotence as the Opposite of Potency

The opposite of potency is impuissance. This is a condition where a man is unable to achieve a healthy erection and through it, the procreation of an offspring. The causes of impotence are related to factors that affect potency, and we will discuss these in the following text.

Which Factors Affect Potency

As I indicated above, several factors and circumstances affect potency. Some are of a temporary nature, such as short-term health problems or excessive physical fatigue, but others are of a longer-term nature. Typically, most affect not just one area of potency, but several at once.

Let’s take a look at the most commonly mentioned ones:

Sex hormone levels: not only in women, but also in men, hormonal problems are the cause of insufficient or poor quality potency. In particular, low testostérone levels negatively affect sex drive, but also fertility, for example. This factor may be related to age, thyroid diseases or insufficient activity of other hormones.

Cardiovascular disease: problems with blood vessels and the vascular system tend to be at the top of the list of causes of erectile problems, whether it is a lack of erection ou dysérection. Most often there is a failure of dilation of the blood vessels supplying the pénis during erection, the problem is also their low permeability due to cholesterol.

Âge: This factor is the only one mentioned here as a natural cause of the decline in potency in men. Typically from the age of 40 onwards, there is a decline in testosterone in particular, but also, for example, a decline in a man’s ability to biologically sire his offspring. At the same time, some typical civilization diseases that affect erection are also added.

Mode de vie médiocre et mode de vie médiocre : Unhealthy diet, stress, lack of rest or sleep, all these are mainly responsible for the lack of libido and also problèmes d'érection. If smoking and alcohol are added to this, these are exactly the cases of those young men who already at a very young age have problems with both potency and fertility and sperm.

Facteurs psychologiques: this group of factors mainly includes problems with depression, nervousness, restlessness, anxiety, fear, etc. The more intense this kind of problem is, the more potency suffers. Psychological factors affect both libido and erection and also éjaculation précoce. Some even require medical treatment.

Other diseases: the category of other diseases includes either problems directly related to the reproductive system or those outside this environment. In the first group, problems with the prostate or the hymen are the most common, which will cause, for example, premature ejaculation. In the second group are, for example, overweight, metabolic diseases or neurological diseases.

Disorders, Problems and Diseases Associated With Potency

The above factors, but not only those, are related to the emergence of several problems and disorders directly related to potency. I have already hinted at some of them above, and these are mainly problems related to the proper functioning of the sexual system and all its components. Some problems are even classified as diseases that need to be addressed with medical treatment.

Here are the most common problems that plague men in connection with potency:

  • Lack of libido: Low libido means a loss of interest in sex and is most often caused by low testosterone levels. In this case, potency is impaired from the start, as a man with low libido does not have a healthy sex drive and appetite for intercourse. This can also translate, for example, into a slow onset of erection and its lack of maintenance.
  • Erection onset problem: A problem with potency also occurs if there is a disturbance in the healthy onset of an erection. In a healthy man, erection comes on the basis of direct or indirect stimulation within a few minutes. If this is not the case, or if the onset takes longer and the full state of erection is not reached, there is a more serious disorder.
  • Inability to maintain a quality erection: most men with erection problems also have trouble achieving and maintaining 100% erection. Often flaccidity occurs, sexual stimulation is required and even this does not always help. This can be a consequence of insufficient blood supply to the penis, but also of improper function of the veno-occlusive apparatus.
  • Ejaculation précoce : in order for a man to be capable of full potency, it is necessary for him to have a healthy ejaculation process as well. The most common problem in men is premature ejaculation, i.e. climaxing usually within 1 to 2 minutes of the start of intercourse. The reasons for this can be physiological, but also psychogenic, for example.
  • Sperm problem: Since potency is also the ability to produce biological offspring, problems with potency are also associated with disorders of sperm production or sperm quality. By quality, we mainly mean motility. Several factors may be responsible for problems with sperm production, and prostate problems may also be behind the lack of spermatogenesis.

Impotence Even at a Young Age

Men of virtually any age can suffer from potency problems. Unlike in the past, when impotence was synonymous with old age, today it can affect even young people, for example, up to the age of 30. This is mainly due to external environmental influences.

How to Improve and Promote Potency

Promoting and improving potency in a man is a process that must affect virtually all of the problems, disorders and diseases listed above. Some types of solutions are targeted only locally, others act more comprehensively, for example, on both erection and libido at the same time.

  • For me personally, the combination of several effective regimen measures together with the use of natural remedies to improve erection, libido and spermatogenesis has been the most effective

The best support is the most natural support for our body, i.e. ideally what nature has prepared for us. Many men also think that if they live unhealthily and take a few pills or get prescribed medication that it will help. Unfortunately, this is a mistake. It is best to try to live as healthy as possible, since the state of potency is a mirror of health.

So what do I recommend to improve potency? Especially these options:

  • Focus on improving your lifestyle, especially on lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and eliminating overweight or obesity, if you suffer from them
  • The natural way to improve potency are also foods for potency, which I have described in more detail in a separate text
  • Adequate rest and regeneration are also important , stress should be reduced, on the contrary, more sleep should be added
  • Special attention should be paid to discontinuation of medications with possible side effects on hormone levels, the nervous system and blood vessels.
  • If a more serious problem is suspected, for example a psychogenic or physio genic disease, see a doctor; for example, a bridle that is too short, causing premature ejaculation, can only be dealt with surgically.
  • Various supportive natural remedies, whether teas or the special pills I mention below, have also
    proved very useful.
  • It is important to involve your partner; first of all you need to sort out all the problems in the relationship and then try to refresh and restart it, this also applies to sexual intercourse

Frequently Asked Questions About Potency

On the Internet, in various discussions and forums, there are some questions about the causes or symptoms of potency problems, in addition to other questions. They are more of a practical nature and so I decided to collect the most frequently asked ones and offer my answers to them, based on many years of experience. Enjoy, here they are:

  1. What if the problems occur only sporadically and less intensely?

    I do not recommend underestimating such a situation either, as progress is likely to be negative. On the contrary, it is better to nip the problem in the bud, when it is possible to improve potency with a simpler change of regime, lifestyle or natural remedies.

  2. For example, can a low appetite for sex be related to relationship problems?

    Yes, there is a connection, but I wouldn't attach too much importance to it. It's true that a healthy partner relationship helps to improve potency, but the complete opposite rule that problems in it alone are to blame for low libido may not be true either. It certainly doesn't.

  3. What to do if an erection does occur, but it is not complete and 100 percent?

    In this case, I recommend that you start to address your lifestyle and, in particular, the state of your blood vessels. It is very likely that there is a problem with their patency, which can be traced back to cholesterol and the like, for example. As a support, I recommend pills to improve erection.

  4. Can a prostate problem be related to fertility, for example?

    Yes, for example, inflammation of the prostate gland will affect the activity of this gland, which may produce less fluid for éjaculer and this will be reflected in a worse environment for sperm. Poor quality ejaculate negatively affects sperm motility, which naturally impairs fertility.

  5. What potency solutions are available for men in older age?

    For example, if you are over 50, I recommend the following procedure. First, focus on improving your diet and lifestyle. Then treat diseases that directly or indirectly impair potency. Then try foods and as a “doping” I recommend pills.

How Potency Pills Work and Why I Recommend Them

You don’t have to worry that I’m going to force some chemically and artificially produced pills on you now, there’s no danger of that happening. When I talk about these products, I mean products with 100% natural ingredients, which I have tried myself.

The principle of their operation is as follows:

  • In the content of these tablets there are plant extracts and substances stimulating testosterone levels in men and at the same time promoting better blood circulation in the genital system and especially in the penis

These preparations have several important benefits when taken:

  • By being natural in nature, it is possible to take them without problems for a longer period of time, which is even recommended for more visible results
  • For the same reason, you do not even have to worry about undesirable or negative effects that are typical for synthetic preparations available only on prescription
  • The effectiveness of the preparations is usually complex, but it is also possible to choose, for example, pills more stimulating libido, or those that prolong the erection and ejaculation.

A great advantage is good accessibility. You do not need a prescription to buy it, as it is an over-the-counter product. You don’t even have to buy them in person in a pharmacy, several brands can be purchased online through the online stores of their official distributors in Slovakia.

Try Several Types of Preparations

I myself have tried not only one brand of tablets, but several. Naturally, it wasn’t a matter of taking several types at once, but rather gradually. For 2 to 3 months I took a preparation to stimulate libido, followed by 3 months of pills aimed at améliorer les érections.

Pilules que j'ai essayées et mon expérience avec elles

As it probably follows from what I have written above, I myself have experience with similar preparations. For a long time I have been struggling with problematic potency and I have really gone through just about every way of solution, not to mention dozens of preparations. Thanks to this, I can judge very well what works and what does not.

There are several brands available on our market, with the best ones having a really positive effect on potency. But the condition is the correct dosage and prolonged use. If I may advise, I myself have the best experience with these preparations: