Find information about medications based on health conditions, such as those used to treat ‘erectile disfunction and ‘ or ‘Diabetis‘ Drugsline has a comprehensive list of medications that can be used to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. There are almost search to treat all the listed alphabetically.


Diabetes, high blood pressure, hernia – three diseases that have made a name for themselves in recent decades as so-called lifestyle diseases. The most common diseases can be found here. If the disease you are looking for is not listed, please take a look at our list of health conditions:

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Diabetes, hypertension, hernia – three ailments which have made a reputation for themselves in current many years as so-called life-style ailments. The most typical ailments might be discovered right here. If the illness you’re on the lookout for just isn’t listed, please check out our listing of ailments: Conditions and Diseases from A to Z.

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Certain conditions and diseases have an especially widespread incidence. These illnesses are commonly referred to as seasonal illnesses or seasonal ailments. [Citation needed] [Citation needed] The common cold and hay fever are two examples of illnesses that tend to strike at the same time each year. In this section, you will find illnesses that may currently be on the rise.


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Are you on the lookout for info on a specific illness? Then you’re in the proper place! In our illness lexicon you will see detailed descriptions of crucial ailments – straightforward to know, defined by consultants. Because the essential questions on a illness typically come to thoughts solely after you may have left the consulting room with a prognosis of the illness. The physician could have used technical phrases that you simply wish to search for. Or, as an in depth relative, it’s possible you’ll wish to know extra about an sickness. All good the explanation why we provide info on crucial ailments that’s comprehensible for lay folks.

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You can speaks of a illness if there’s a dysfunction of bodily or psychological functioning that impacts well-being and/or functioning subjectively or externally. An sickness is normally accompanied by sure signs. For instance, flu is normally accompanied by signs reminiscent of headache, runny nostril and fever. Often the affected person doesn’t know wich medicine must be used for a specific symptom, condition or disease.