Eiaculazione precoce

Statistics say that for the average man, it takes roughly 7 minutes from the start of intercourse to climax. Orgasmo in a man is generally associated with eiaculazione, anche se ammetto che ci possono essere eccezioni. La maggior parte degli uomini, tuttavia, non affronta tali questioni teoriche, almeno fino a quando non iniziano ad avere problemi con eiaculazione precoce.

More and more men are suffering from this disorder, although the official figures are not very telling. Few men will admit it, and it is even harder to actually judge what premature eiaculazione actually is and when it is already a really serious problem.

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So di cosa sto parlando, poiché ho affrontato questo problema io stesso. Qualcosa che all'inizio non sembra nemmeno molto serio può trasformarsi in un caso intrattabile che può, ad esempio, rovinare una relazione altrimenti buona. Ecco perché ho deciso di aiutarti.

Eiaculazione: definizione, significato e funzionamento

Il processo per raggiungere orgasmo in men is associated with the eiaculazione of semen. Eiaculazione does not only have to occur during classical sexual intercourse, but also, for example, during normal sexual stimulation during masturbazione.

As I indicated above, there are cases when a man ejaculates without reaching orgasmo, or reaches a so-called dry orgasmo, i.e. when he comes to climax without eiaculare coming out of the sexual organ. But these are all separate “chapters” in the sexual sphere, and therefore I will now consider the majority of situations where orgasmo is associated with eiaculazione.

Eiaculazione itself occurs in the following process:

Dopo un certo periodo di tempo dalla stimolazione sessuale, il cervello invia un segnale nervoso che fa scattare la rilascio di eiaculato attraverso i tubi seminiferi

Lo sperma che is formed in the seminal vesicles is mixed into the eiaculare

  • when maximum arousal is reached, the process of muscular contractions throughout the body is triggered, the eiaculare is pushed out through the urethra
  • da questa forza e viene espulso al termine della quale le contrazioni muscolari perdono la loro intensità, accompagnate da spasmi
  • sensations on the pene, thus “officially” ending the eiaculazione process

The point of an erezione is to allow a man maximum potenza e fertilità. But in order to do this, it is necessary not only to achieve an erezione, but also to maintain it. It is also important not to spontaneously weaken the erezione, as this can lead to an inability to reach orgasmo and overall impotence in terms of conceiving an offspring.

Eiaculazione notturna

In addition to conscious eiaculazione during sexual intercourse, unconscious eiaculazione can also occur, usually at night. It occurs mainly in young men during sexual adolescence, exceptionally a little later. Such eiaculazione is spontaneous.

Quali problemi si verificano con l'eiaculazione e quali sono i loro sintomi

If we talk about eiaculazione disorders and problems, there are usually two most common cases. The first case is waiting too long to eiaculare, the second is ejaculating too fast. Less common are excessive eiaculazione o mancanza di eiaculato.

Qui i problemi sopra menzionati sono descritti in modo più dettagliato:

  • Eiaculazione ritardata: a less common problem for men is if eiaculazione occurs after too long a period of time. Most of the time, it has to do with the fact that the orgasmo does not come as quickly as the man would have imagined. For example, too frequent sexual contact, too frequent masturbazione or a neurological problem may be behind this problem.
  • Eiaculazione precoce: premature eiaculazione is the opposite case, where climax occurs much earlier, even after just one minute. Such a condition may either be due to sexual inexperience or too long sexual abstinence, or it may be a problem with a short bridle or overexcitability based on sexual stimulation.
  • Eiaculazione eccessiva: if you seem to be experiencing too much eiaculare repeatedly at climax, this is either a problem with the production of semen itself or a more natural cause. The consistency and quantity of eiaculare is influenced, for example, by watering of the body.
  • Eiaculazione insufficiente: the opposite disorder is, on the contrary, a lack of eiaculare. Statistics say that a man produces up to 17 liters of eiaculare in his entire lifetime. In case if it seems to you and your partner that the amount of semen is not right, you should definitely see a doctor.

Cause di problemi con l'eiaculazione precoce

Of the types of disorders mentioned above, I will now address premature eiaculazione in particular. Too rapid climaxing associated with eiaculazione of semen may have several causes. Some are more natural, but others can only be dealt with by surgical intervention.

This with possible factors influencing too fast eiaculazione:

  • La forma dell'organo sessuale e delle briglie: Physiology can play a significant role in premature eiaculazione, especially if, for example, you have a bridle that is too short. Likewise, the shape of the glans and the physiology of the entire sex organ can make a man more aroused or, even without being able to control it, cause him to eiaculare semen.
  • Infiammazione: infiammazione delle vie urinarie, inflammation of the prostate, or other changes in the urethra can cause a man to lose control over his orgasmo, as can problems with closing or opening the fallopian tubes. Several other inflammatory and infectious diseases of the genital or excretory system can also account for uncontrolled eiaculazione.
  • Funzionamento improprio dei recettori nervosi: if there is any problem with the nerve endings or even in the central nervous system, there is also a problem with the correct evaluation of sexual stimulation and after just a few minutes orgasmo can occur. The opposite extreme is if the man cannot wait to orgasmo at all.
  • Astinenza sessuale: have you experienced prolonged sexual abstinence? In this case, you need to prepare yourself for the fact that the problem with premature semen discharge will last for some time. Naturally, young men at the beginning of their sex life suffer from premature eiaculazione, but if you haven’t had sex for a long time, you may find yourself in a very similar situation.
  • Atrofia muscolare del PC: the PC muscle, which stands for pubococcygeal muscle, is the muscle largely responsible for our ability to hold back urination, but also, for example, eiaculazione before we want to. If this muscle becomes flaccid, a man cannot prevent eiaculazione even if he wanted to and even if he had never had a problem with this disorder before.
  • Problemi mentali: if you suffer from anxiety, inability to concentrate, are stressed or under pressure, or if you have a more serious psychological disorder, premature eiaculazione is a natural part of the symptoms of such a condition. However, in this case too, the opposite extreme can also occur, namely delayed eiaculazione.
  • Differenze individuali: Before I end the chapter on causes, I would like to stress one important thing: it can be very individual for each man when he has an orgasmo. If you “hold out” for 5 minutes, for example, and would like 8, it is not a problem of premature eiaculazione.

Domande frequenti sui problemi con l'eiaculazione precoce

Premature eiaculazione is a much bigger problem than I actually thought at first. I only had to look at a few internet forums or discussions and it was immediately clear from the number of different questions men were asking. I’ve collected the most common ones and attached my own answers to them as well:

  1. Come posso risolvere definitivamente l'eiaculazione precoce?

    Premature eiaculazione may be helped by some medical procedures, but there is no permanent cure. Males, on the other hand, can use a variety of therapies, such as vitamins and exercise, to learn to regulate their eiaculazione and experience more sexual satisfaction.

  2. Qual è l'ultimo trattamento per l'eiaculazione precoce?

    Eiaculazione-specific selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors like dapoxetine and UK-390,957 are a major advancement in sexual medicine because they provide patients with the convenience of on-demand dosing, significant improvements in IELT, ejaculatory control, and sexual satisfaction, all with minimal side effects.

  3. L'eiaculazione precoce è dannosa per le relazioni?

    Secondo la maggior parte degli studi, le partner femminili dei maschi con EP hanno maggiori probabilità di sperimentare difficoltà sessuali e infelicità. Tuttavia, mentre l'EP ha un effetto sulla felicità sessuale delle donne, non ha alcun effetto sulle loro relazioni o sul funzionamento personale, secondo altre ricerche.

  4. I ragazzi possono controllare la velocità con cui arrivano?

    Some guys have trouble controlling their eiaculazione over time. Whether they want to or not, they always climax in under a minute or two, and it has an impact on their sex life, their partner, and themselves. Jern explains, “The short answer is that we don't know what causes premature eiaculazione.”

  5. Come prevenire l'eiaculazione rapida?

    Yes, Masturbazione an hour or so before interaction may be recommended to help you postpone your partner's eiaculazione. You might also give up intercourse for a while and focus on other sexual activities, such as playing with your spouse.

  6. Qual è il farmaco più efficace per il trattamento dell'eiaculazione precoce?

    Antidepressivi, in particolare clomipramina, fluoxetina, paroxetina, and sertraline, have been shown to help with the symptoms of premature eiaculazione

  7. Come faccio a sapere se mio marito ha l'eiaculazione precoce?

    It can be recognised with the incapacity to delay eiaculazione for more than one minute after penetration is the most frequent reason of premature eiaculazione.

  8. Può un uomo impedirsi di venire?

    People may purposefully prevent sperm from escaping in order to prolong a sexual encounter. Some medical disorders can make it difficult to eiaculare. A vasectomy, a surgery that blocks sperm from coming out after eiaculazione, is another option.

  9. La pre eiaculazione è permanente?

    I've learned that premature eiaculazione isn't permanent.

    Premature eiaculazione often improves on its own after time. Men who've had premature eiaculazione since becoming sexually active, on the other hand, may have a long-term problem.

  10. L'eiaculazione precoce può mettere incinta una donna?

    Yes. Because pre-eiaculazione fluid may include sperm, pregnancy can occur even if full eiaculazione does not take place within the vaginal canal. One of the oldest types of birth control is the removal of the pene from the vagina before eiaculazione.

Come funzionano le pillole per l'eiaculazione precoce e perché le consiglio

Let’s take a closer look at the pills I mentioned in the above. I have quite a lot of experience with preparations and products of this kind since the time when I started to experience the first erezione problems.

Il loro utilizzo è abbastanza semplice:

  • La prima opzione è prenderlo una volta prima del rapporto sessuale, ma questo è inefficace per la maggior parte degli uomini. La seconda opzione è l'uso regolare ogni giorno per almeno 2 o 3 mesi.

However, not all pills that help maintain an erezione also help delay eiaculazione. Therefore, choose well according to their focus, while you should decide not by price, but by the degree of effectiveness of the preparation.

Fondamentalmente, tutte queste pillole sono:

  • with a natural composition and containing extracts or extracts of plants supporting potenza as such
  • disponibili come integratori alimentari senza prescrizione medica, rendendoli un'alternativa conveniente
  • senza gli effetti collaterali che devono offrire risultati visibili, altrimenti non si alzerebbero nella lotta per il cliente

Le pillole di solito prendono di mira le seguenti aree della vita sessuale:

  • Miglioramento dell'erezione: thanks to the improvement of blood circulation, a better erezione is achieved already at the beginning of stopping
  • Prolungamento dell'erezione: a special blend of natural active ingredients promotes longer erections through proper hormonal levels and better blood supply to the blood vessels in the pene
  • Stabilizzazione della libido: Testosterone la stimolazione è una parte importante della stabilizzazione libido, che aiuterà anche risposte più naturali alla stimolazione sessuale

Se la dapoxetina non funziona per te, il medico potrebbe suggerirti farmaci che non sono sul mercato. L'abuso si verifica quando un farmaco viene utilizzato per uno scopo diverso da quello per il quale è stato approvato. Se è nell'interesse del paziente, i medici possono scrivere una prescrizione off-label.

paroxetina, sertralina, e fluoxetina are some of the other SSRIs that can be used to prevent premature eiaculazione. You’ll need to take these SSRIs for 1 to 2 weeks to see the full effect.

Anesthetic lotions and sprays, such as lidocaine or prilocaine, can help by reducing the sensitivity of your pene. When combined with a condom, anesthetic cream can be quite effective. A doctor should be able to suggest an appropriate cream.

Non solo pillole

Dealing with premature eiaculazione is not just about pills, but rather about comprehensive changes. Therefore, io richiamare nuovamente l'attenzione sulle misure del regime, sui cambiamenti relativi ai rapporti sessuali e anche sugli esercizi di Kegel o sul Metodo Masters-Johnson.

Pillole che ho provato e la mia esperienza con loro

As I mentioned before, I have quite a lot of experience with various preparations for erezione, potenza, eiaculazione e libido. Since I know that several of them are just about unfulfillable promises, I have approached each preparation quite strictly. I tried to choose only those that could have the potential to meet realistic goals.

Il fatto che i miei sforzi siano stati ripagati è documentato anche dalla seguente panoramica di quelle pillole, dove ho notato effetti davvero visibili. Certo, non tutti sono uguali, ma credo che troverai anche il tuo preferito.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è buy-libidopills.jpg

Viagra Professionale

pillole per l'ingrandimento del pene senza prescrizione

Gelatina orale di Kamagra Pillole per l'ingrandimento del pene

  • Prolungamento del rapporto sessuale
  • Improvement of erezione quality
  • Aumento libido e appetito per il sesso