In women, the right hormonal levels and overall hormonal balance determine the quality of their sex life much more than in men. This is the reason why, for example, in men testosterone influences practically everything, while in women the mutual balance of estrogens, progesterone, prolactin and other hormones is important.

Since time immemorial, women have tried to suppress the negative manifestations and symptoms of certain hormonal changes associated with female problems. A good example is the period of transition called menopause, or menopause, but also, for example, problems with menstruation.

Understandably, sometimes the causes responsible for this condition are only solvable in coordination with doctors, and professional and long-term treatment is necessary. At the same time, however, over-the-counter pills, which are supposed to have an auxiliary effect, have recently come to the fore.

What Can Be Considered Women’s Problems

Although the term female problems is too general at first glance, it most often refers to intimate and gynaecological problems related to the reproductive system and the functioning of the reproductive organs. However, this is by no means the only interpretation.

Women most often encounter problems related to hormonal imbalances and changes in hormone levels during their lifetime. Their quality of sex life and reproductive health depend primarily on estrogen and progesterone, two hormones that influence the menstrual cycle, menopause and pregnancy.

These events are not negative in themselves, but the intensity of their survival and functioning depends primarily on the hormonal balance of the above mentioned hormones. If this balance is disturbed, negative symptoms appear and then there is already a problem.


The term female problems can be associated with gynaecological diseases, such as inflammation, infections or cysts, but much more common in life are problems with the regularity of menstruation or the early onset of menopause.

The options you have to deal with women’s problems at home

Since problems with the menstrual cycle, menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy or menopause are also based on hormonal imbalances, this area is the ideal opportunity to solve women’s problems with home remedies.

This may include a combination of some lifestyle changes, regimen measures to eliminate risk factors and the use of supportive measures as natural as possible. Hormonal treatment indicated by a doctor should be the last resort in these cases.

Here are the options available to women to influence hormonal balance:

  • Focus on foods containing phytoestrogens, such as fruit, vegetables, soya, rye, oats and seeds, such as flax, sesame and pumpkin seeds
  • Caffeine can also help, but it should not be overdone
  • Harmful external influences should be avoided , especially smoking, obesity and excessive alcohol consumption
  • The above-mentioned measures are also linked to getting enough exercise, ideally if it is running or other prolonged physical exertion
  • Avoid stress as well, since this negatively affects the hormonal balance, try to obtain plant hormones, in contrast, plants such as Fenugreek, Benedictine or Wild Yamprava are a very good help in this regard.
  • Special pills designed for women to support hormonal balance are based on the principle of the action of plant phytohormones, which have the character of over-the-counter nutritional supplements.

The Principle and Effects of Tablets for Female Problems

The pills, which are designed to provide support for a variety of female problems caused by hormonal changes, are no placebo. On the contrary, they use centuries of proven experience with natural remedies designed for hormonal balance.

These preparations contain extracts and extracts of plants rich in so-called phytoestrogens. These are substances that are very similar in their effects to human oestrogens and can bind to oestrogen receptors in the body. Basically, these are plant-based non-endocrine hormones that aim to promote an increase in estrogen levels.

Most often, these pills are intended for women in menopause, but this is not the rule. They can also be bought as general nutritional supplements containing plant extracts and supplemented with, for example, amino acids, vitamins or minerals. What is certain is that none of the active ingredients are of synthetic origin.

Without Prescription Does Not Mean Carelessly

I would like to point out that although these pills are available over the counter, you should definitely read the package insert and follow it for both use and dosage. The key is not to take the product in excessive amounts and not to exceed the maximum daily dose.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to supporting proper hormone levels, pills are an appealing solution at first glance. Perhaps that is why they attract so much attention and women are almost constantly asking questions about, for example, their effectiveness in practice. I have collected the most common ones at this point.

  1. What Exactly Is Found in Pills to Support Hormone Levels?

    As I mentioned, the pills use herbal extracts that contain plant phytoestrogens. The most common extracts you will find in them are, for example, extracts from Meadow Clover, Clary Sage or Flat-leaved Clover. There may be other ingredients as well, the important thing is that they have a beneficial effect on the hormonal balance in a woman.

  2. Are These Pills for Every Woman?

    In principle, yes, but it turns out that women over 40 or women in transition get the best effects from them. This is also the principle behind many of these products, as their formulations are specifically set up for support during menopause. Understandably, they have a positive effect on hormonal balance in women of all ages.

  3. What Are the Specific Effects of the Tablets?

    Most often, these pills act on three areas. The first is to relieve the negative manifestations of hormonal changes during menopause, so relieving hot flashes and night sweats. The second area is to support overall hormone balance. The third area may also be indirect support of sex drive.

  4. Are There Any Contraindications or Side Effects?

    As for side effects, in this regard, the pills are safe. Since they contain only natural and herbal ingredients, there is no risk of any serious negative reactions, nor do they contain any hormones. As for contraindications, as a rule, they are not intended for pregnant and lactating women, they must also not be combined with hormone therapy and other similar pills.

  5. Could It Be That the Pills Won’t Help Me?

    Yes, of course this can happen, as these are herbal pills sold over the counter Without Prescription. No manufacturer, even of the best brand, can 100% guarantee the intensity of the effects. That is also why it is important to support hormonal balance with other measures, such as those I mentioned above.

Pills Tried by a Partner and Her Experience With Them

Although at first glance these pills look like a miracle wand, certainly don’t expect them to help you from evening to morning. One of the prerequisites for seeing some results is long-term and regular use.

However, experience shows that despite the nature of the tablets, i.e. they are supportive preparations, changes for the better can be expected with proper use. The effects may vary according to the brand of the preparation and also individually according to the degree of hormonal imbalance in the woman, but for example, the preparations have proved to be effective for the most negative manifestations of menopause in my partner.

How to Know the Most Important Principles to Stick to When Making Your Choice?

However, the following should not be forgotten in connection with the pill:

  1. Know the Compositions

    These products are not a substitute for hormone therapy and are not hormone therapy, they are over-the-counter pills

  2. Know your Brand

    If you are deciding on a particular brand, check its references with other women

  3. Right Dosage

    Supporting hormonal balance in women’s problems is a complex matter, do not rely on pills alone, be sure to follow the dosage and consult a doctor if you experience an allergic reaction

Although there are many products on the market designed to support women’s problems, only a few are of real quality. Here are reviews on the ones that are the best in practice as well:


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