Around this concept practically the whole sexual and sexual life revolves. Men and women, both sexes, swear that their goal is the best orgasm for themselves and for each other. Whether it’s a male orgasm or a female one, sexual climax is a perfectly natural goal for long-term pursuit both in and out of the bedroom.

For men, orgasm is synonymous with a successful sex life, regardless of whether they indulge themselves or their partners. For women, it is also a matter of having a fulfilled relationship or being able to experience it during pregnancy.

In any case, an orgasm is much more than just some cum or muscle spasms and a pleasurable sensation. What the path to it leads to, how to reach orgasm, how it manifests itself and how to improve it, we will discuss in the following lines.

What Is Orgasm

Orgasm is so much more than just a pleasurable scream in the bedroom during sexual climax. It is a complex process taking place on multiple levels, but one that is by no means a given after every sexual encounter. In fact, its occurrence depends on many circumstances.

  • A definition of orgasm might be that it is the culmination of sexual pleasure, involving a biological, physiological and psychological response to sexual stimulation
  • The outward visible manifestation of orgasm is an uncontrollable contraction of the muscles, during which accumulated tension is released
  • In men, ejaculation occurs during orgasm, in women only increased moistening of the vagina

Interestingly, while in men orgasm is also linked to fertility, in women there is no direct link. For men anyway, the situation is simplified by the fact that for them it is possible to reach orgasm simply by stimulation of the genital organ, at least in most cases. In women, however, there are several paths to orgasm, depending on the type of sexual stimulation.

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Here are the most common types:

  • the first type is the clitoral orgasm, which is caused by stimulation of the clitoris and is achieved by the majority of women, in which case the size of the penis does not matter for the man
  • the second type is the vaginal orgasm, which is caused by the penetration of the penis directly into the vagina, this type of orgasm requires a large enough penis
  • the third type is the orgasm caused by stimulation of the Grafenberg point, known as the G-spot, which can be stimulated by both the penis and the tips of the fingers

What is basically the same for both sexes, however, is the mechanism by which orgasm occurs. It is the result of sexual stimulation, which is always the basis, but the length of this stimulation is already individual. For someone, climax can occur after a few minutes, for someone it takes longer. In general, the higher the libido, the sooner the orgasm comes.

Masturbation Vs. Sexual Intercourse

Many people reach orgasm more easily during masturbation and not during proper sexual intercourse. This may be mainly due to inexperience of the partner or even incorrect sexual stimulation technique. This is why a sexual relationship should also be about communication.

Which Factors Affect Orgasm

As can be seen, the orgasm itself and the path to it depends on the coordination and correct action of several factors. Firstly, it is the work of individual systems and organs in the body, but also from several external influences. Together, these factors influence both the quality and the intensity of orgasm. Of course, they also influence the possibility of achieving it.

These are the most important influences and factors to pay attention to:

  • Incorrect technique and inexperience: problems with reaching orgasm are most often caused by poor quality intercourse. This can be the result of inexperience or incorrect technique. For example, women require a long enough foreplay to allow the vagina to moisten. On technique, the most challenging way to reach orgasm is by stimulating the G-spot.
  • Routine and stereotype: especially on the female orgasm, these two factors have a very negative impact. If the sexual relationship and intercourse falls into boredom, where the same routines and movements are repeated with iron-clad regularity, this has a very negative effect on the achievement of a good and intense orgasm.
  • Low hormone levels: the sex hormones found in our bodies are not just there on a whim, but have an important function. In addition to affecting fertility, they are also important for sex drive, or libido. It determines both the appetite for sex, but also the arousal to sexual stimulation and therefore the ability to achieve orgasm.
  • Mental factors: especially in women, but also to some extent in men, mental state plays a role. The most common negative factors affecting it are stress, depression and problems in the partner relationship. For many women, these influences can be so strong that they are unable to reach orgasm, for men they manifest themselves in erectile dysfunction.
  • Lifestyle and external influences: not only stress, but also, for example, smoking and increased alcohol consumption affect the quality of sex life and the quality of orgasm. Certain types of medication and their side effects can also be a problem, for example psycho pharmaceuticals have a depressant effect and delay male orgasm.
  • Diseases and disorders of the reproductive system: the last group of factors are various types of functional disorders, problems and diseases associated with the reproductive system. In men, these may be problems with the bridle or tracking disorders, in women, problems with the blood supply to the vagina or problems with sufficient moisture in the vagina. Also, various inflammations and infections have a negative effect on orgasm.

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  • Erection
  • Libido and appetite for sex
  • Length of sexual intercourse

Disorders, Problems and Diseases Associated With Orgasm

Achieving orgasm can be complicated by several types of disorders and problems, many also related to the factors mentioned above. In men, the most common problem is the inability to achieve an erection or ejaculate too quickly; in women, the problem is low sex drive or the inability to reach orgasm at all.

Whatever you like, here are the 5 most common problems associated with orgasm:

  • Anorgasmia: The first problem is a disorder called anorgasmia. This is a condition where a man or woman is unable to reach orgasm at all, which is called complete anorgasmia. A milder form is partial anorgasmia, where only certain types of orgasms are impossible to achieve. This may or may not apply to, for example, semi-male ejaculation, which is the involuntary leakage of ejaculate.
  • Premature ejaculation: this problem is very common in men due to a physiological disorder of the bridle, or in men with increased arousal due to psychological factors. The problem is manifested by reaching sexual climax too quickly, which is accompanied by ejaculation usually within 1 to 2 minutes of the onset of sexual stimulation.
  • Frigidity: Behind this name one should look for problems with libido and sex drive, specifically the lack of them. Frigidity refers to women who have a low appetite for sex or physical contact of any kind, manifested externally, for example, by reduced vaginal blood supply or insufficient vaginal moisture.
  • Vaginismus: This is a serious medical diagnosis in women that can have both psychological and physiological causes. In fact, the term vaginismus hides the tightening of the vaginal muscles so much that the man is unable to penetrate the vagina even during a full erection. Women with this problem are thus unable to achieve vaginal orgasm.
  • Delay of orgasm: The last fairly common problem is taking too long to reach orgasm. This problem occurs in both women and men and can be caused, for example, by low libido, nervous system problems, ingestion of narcotics or alcohol, or even improper technique during sexual stimulation.

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  • Prolonging sexual intercourse and delaying ejaculation
  • Prolonging erections and improving stopping
  • Action on libido and sexual vitality

Do Not Underestimate the Problem, See a Doctor

Not all orgasm-related problems and disorders need to be permanent and long-term. Some, such as problems with frigidity or premature ejaculation, may only be short-lived, especially if their causes are only temporary. In any case, nothing should be underestimated.

How to Improve and Promote Orgasm

Since there are several types of orgasm, the search for ways to promote and improve their achievement should focus both on the quality of sex life and specifically on the correct stimulation of the individual erogenous zones. I myself have really rich experience with this.

  • The best way to improve and intensify orgasm and climax is to look at sex life holistically and try to improve all aspects of it naturally

In practice, this means that the combined increase in sexual appetite, improvement of erection in men, improvement of blood supply to the genital system in women, as well as some regimen measures related to sexual intercourse itself, help the most. The bottom line is not to get tired and experiment with new things.

Myself and my partner recommend these options to all women and men:

  • The basic advice is to have sex as often and regularly as possible, it also helps to increase libido, for exampleI
    advise men not to rush, leave enough time for foreplay, women need it very much for the initial start of the excitement of sexual stimulation
  • Engage your imagination, try, for example, mutual massage
  • Women most often achieve clitoral orgasm, but the most intense for them is vaginal, so men should try to achieve just that
  • Get to know your body and the body of your partner, use your hands and touching, you should definitely
    alternate several positions, for example, the Kama Sutra is a good inspiration, but more than 3 or 4 in one sexual encounter is too much
  • Use different erotic toys and devices, for example, vibrating eggs or dildos for women, or erection and vibrating penis rings for men
  • Fear to experiment, and I don’t just mean whipped cream, you can also try delaying orgasm or repeated and multiple orgasms
  • Alcohol is a great aphrodisiac, but if you overdo it, it’s more of a depressant


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  • Better erection
  • Harder penis
  • Longer sex and delay ejaculation

Frequently Asked Questions About Orgasm

Many internet forums are full of questions not only about how to reach orgasm or how to satisfy a man or woman, but also practical suggestions about some specific issues regarding sexual intercourse and climax. I have therefore decided to take a closer look at these questions and answer them:

  1. Is Reaching Orgasm Necessary With Every Sexual Encounter?

    Yes, it's also very natural. Unfortunately, I am reading more and more on the internet that women, for example, can enjoy sex without climaxing. Both my partner and I, based on experience, definitely disagree with this statement and I recommend to always do whatever it takes to reach orgasm.

  2. Can Women Also Ejaculate During Orgasm?

    Yes, this condition is also called female ejaculation, squirting or wet orgasm, about which I wrote a separate article. However, only a third of women actually achieve it, which is mainly due to the difficulty of the technique and the need for total relaxation during sex.

  3. How important is psychological well-being for achieving orgasm?

    Extremely very much so, and this applies not only to women, but also to men. Yes, even quickies have their charm, but in that case you have to have a really exceptionally large libido. In most cases you need to enjoy sex without stress and rush, it also helps for the subsequent recovery after sex.

  4. Can More Frequent Masturbation Help You Have Better Quality Sex?

    It may or may not, what will be important is how it is conducted. Avoid making it a substitute for contact with a partner in the first place. As long as masturbation will be used to get to know your own needs better, and for example to practice delaying orgasm, then it's a good idea.

  5. What to Do if I Want to Boost Libido, Erection or Arousal?

    It is best to proceed as naturally as possible and take advantage of what nature has given us. There are a number of plants that are powerful natural aphrodisiacs that you can make teas from, for example. A more modern form are nutritional supplements in the form of tablets and capsules.

How Pills Work to Promote Better Orgasm and Why hey are Recommend

Since the achievement and quality of orgasm is related to, for example, sex drive and sexual performance, it is possible to promote better and more intense orgasms with natural products aimed at these areas of sexual life.

The most popular are those in tablet form, which can be for both men and women:

  • Regardless of the type, these pills are based on a combination of herbs and other natural ingredients aimed at better blood circulation to the genital system and higher libido

As a rule, the most important part are plant extracts of herbs belonging to the natural aphrodisiacs. For example, plants such as Ashwagandha, Wild Yam or Fenugreek. Not infrequently, these preparations also contain minerals such as Zinc or various types of amino acids to improve blood circulation. They also aim to support hormonal balance.

At the same time, the Erection tablets have the following advantages:

  • thanks to their broader composition, their effects are also quite rich, several of them help men with erection and libido, in women they can also support fertility
  • the dosage is simple and precise, however, to achieve optimal effects, longer and regular use is needed, usually at least 3 or 4 months
  • and the price/results ratio is very good, with products available without a prescription, and several brands can be bought directly through their own e-shops

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  • Prolonging sexual intercourse
  • Improvement of erection quality
  • Increase libido and appetite for sex

I would like to draw special attention to pills intended for women, which are a novelty only in recent years. Thanks to the varied composition, they help not only to achieve female orgasm, but also, for example, some female problems caused by hormonal imbalance.

Try More Brands

The offer of various tablets and preparations in the form of nutritional supplements is very rich, so it is definitely worth reaching for several brands and testing them. Not all are of the same quality, but if you focus on the best ones on the market, each one can help you in a different way.

Pills That Both My Partner and I Have Tried and Our Experience With Them

Since both myself and my partner have overcome several problems related to a good sex life, you probably already know that we have experience with the above-mentioned preparations. That’s why I decided not only to mention to you how they work and that they exist at all, but I also want to give you some more advice.

In the table below you will find the brands of tablets we have tried and rated. Of course, I don’t want to tell you that you have to try them too, but at least try to include them in your shortlist. Here they are:

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