Koop Cialis 20mg en geef je seksleven een nieuwe impuls

The main ingredient is Tadalafil, which acts as a PDE5 enzyme inhibitor, therefore allowing for a firm and long erection. It differs from classic Viagra in the length of action. It relaxes the smooth muscles and, by dilating the blood vessels, ensures better blood circulation to your cornea. We advise prior erotic stimulation. Perhaps a romantic dinner for two, a glass of champagne while listening to passionate Latin music and your partner in sexy lingerie? Or watching an erotic film together that turns you both on. It’s worth the endless effort for the ecstasy to come, an unforgettable experience that will last forever.

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Several clinical response definition studies involving 1054 patients have shown that it significantly improved erectile function and the ability to successfully penetrate up to 36 hours after dosing. The patient was able to achieve and maintain sufficient hardness more easily as early as 16 minutes after ingestion.

The test results also show that the majority of testers aged between 21 and 86, with varying degrees of difficulty, reported unexpected results. The results for patients experiencing sexuality problems after spinal cord injury also stand out positively from the sample.

Side effects are mild and rare

If necessary, check and weigh the benefits and risks with your pharmacist or chosen personal doctor before ingestion. The product is not approved for minors or anyone at risk of heart attack, with arrhythmia, sudden visual impairment, ulcerative colitis or hypertension. Ideal candidates are those in good physical condition who are not taking contraindicated active substances that may cause complications. An example of such a contraindication is pharmacotherapeutics containing nitroglycerin or nitrates, as they potentiate the hypotensive action. Concomitant use without a medical history is discouraged.

Please observe the extreme duration and do not consume more than the recommended amount. Not for use in women.