Masturbation, or sexual self-gratification, is a response to each person’s sexual biological drive. It is a simple way of releasing sexual energy while satisfying one’s sexual needs. Gossiping and wanking, as masturbation is also called, was considered a taboo or morbid phenomenon until the 20th century.

Fortunately, the sexual revolution of the last century has changed this situation, just as it has changed society’s view of sex and eroticism. Today, self-education is perceived by experts as beneficial to health, although it always depends on the degree and intensity of the activity.

Surveys show that more than 90% of men and women masturbate, regardless of age, social status or whether or not they have a partner. As this is a very interesting and still little-discussed topic, I will deal with it in more detail.

What Is Masturbation

Masturbation is defined by Wikipedia as sexual behavior of a specific nature. In my opinion, it is one of the most natural human activities that fulfills the biological sex drive. Besides this goal, it has several other positive meanings.

  • Masturbation consists in sexual stimulation and stimulation of erogenous zones, in the case of a man mainly the genital area, in the case of a woman mainly the vagina and its interior or the clitoris
  • This stimulation can be done either with your own hand or hands, or with the help of erotic toys and sexual aids
  • The ultimate goal of masturbation is to reach sexual climax, or orgasm

In the past, masturbation, especially from a religious point of view, was one of the most serious sins. It was considered a mortal sin and for centuries it was even spoken of as unhealthy. Female masturbation has been the target of most criticism, but the religious teachings of virtually all world religions see masturbation as a sin in general.

As for female masturbation, this can include:

  • stimulation of the clitoris, which is one of the most innervated places on the outside of the vagina, it is for religious reasons that women undergo clitoral circumcision
  • stimulation of the inside of the vagina, the most common method of masturbation being the use of various sexual aids
  • stimulation of the G-spot, which is a specific point inside the vagina that can be stimulated to produce a wet orgasm
  • stimulation of other erogenous zones, such as the breasts, anus or perineum, but rarely climaxes here

Compared to female masturbation, male masturbation focuses primarily on the penis only. When masturbating, either the entire genital organ is sexually stimulated or only a part of it, most often the glans or the glans. However, men can also help themselves by stimulating other erogenous zones, especially the prostate and anus.

When it comes to comparing the pros and cons of masturbation, here are the most common ones:

  • For men, frequent ejaculare helps to improve fertilitate, as it promotes the production of new sperm
  • The advantage of masturbation for women is that it improves the blood supply to the genital system and also maintains the moistening mechanism of the vagina, so that the man will try to delay orgasm
  • During masturbation, masturbation can be a very good training against premature ejaculare pentru
    both sexes, the advantage is the release of sexual energy and the calming of hormones
  • The only disadvantage of masturbation is if it is practiced too often or instead of intercourse, then it causes alienation from the partner

The Term Onania Has Historical Roots

Interestingly, the very naming of onanias has its roots in the biblical figure of Onan, who, according to legend, had sexual intercourse with his wife, but intentionally spilled his seed on the ground. Technically, however, he was not onanating, but practicing intermittent coitus.

Which Factors Affect Masturbation and Its Climax

As masturbation is a form of sexual gratification, like intercourse, masturbation is influenced by a number of external and internal factors. Thus, it is not only about how to masturbate properly, but also about having all aspects related to sexual health in order, especially the proper functioning of the sexual organs.

Here are the factors most influencing masturbation and its climax in the form of orgasm:

  • Hormone levels: one of the most important factors not directly related to the reproductive system is the level of sex hormones. In men this is the hormone testosteron, in women mainly estrogens și progesteron. The level of these hormones determines the level of sexual appetite, or libido, which manifests itself in arousal during sexual stimulation.
  • Blood supply to the genital system: the second important factor for both men and women to be able to fully enjoy sexual stimulation is sufficient blood supply to the genitals. This is especially true for the external genitalia, the penis in a man and the vagina in a woman. Proper functioning of the blood circulation mechanism is also important for erecție and sexual arousal.
  • Physiological disturbances: not only blood flow, but also physiological problems related to the mechanism of arousal, have a non-negligible impact on masturbation and the achievement of orgasm. For example, the functionality of the nervous system and the transmission of nerve impulses are problematic, but also problems with the proper moistening of the vagina or various anatomical deformities.
  • Factori psihologici: mental state, fatigue, vitality and mental relaxation are all factors that influence whether you will be able to enjoy masturbation and achieve a full and intense orgasm. Within this category, depression, stress, overwork and lack of sleep are the most common negative factors.
  • Infections and inflammation: infections and inflammation of both the genital and urinary systems have a major impact on sex life in both women and men. Whether they are local problems or sexually transmitted diseases, these factors seriously compromise not only the quality of sexual life, but also the health of the reproductive system and the whole body.

Disorders, Problems and Diseases Associated With Masturbation and Climaxing

Not only these factors, but also other influences affect masturbation, the achievement of climax and ultimately the sex life itself. These influences can then be concentrated in specific problems, diseases or specific disorders related to either the healthy functioning of the genitals or to sex-related processes.

Here are the ones that occur most often in men and women:

  • Erecție problem: The most common male problems include probleme de erecție. Whether it’s a problem with the rapid onset of erecție, getting hard enough, or getting hard enough to last, the cause is almost always insufficient blood supply to the penis. In rare cases, in inexperienced men, improper stimulation technique may also be the reason.
  • Premature ejaculare: another problem that can be partially solved by masturbation is premature or too fast ejaculare. This condition occurs when climax occurs within one or two minutes of the start of stimulation. There can be several reasons for this, whether it is a short bridle, an infection, stress or just a lack of sexual experience.
  • Anatomical disorders in men: problems with masturbation and reaching climax can also be caused by physiological disorders, especially in men. Common disorders are the aforementioned short bridle, Peyronie’s disease characterized by the formation of the wrong ligaments in the penis or phimosis, where it is not possible to pull the foreskin through the bridle.
  • Problems with blood supply and vaginal wetting: In women, the most common problem is insufficient blood supply or wetting of the vagina. Again, this may be due to improper stimulation or inadequate sexual stimulation, which will manifest itself in weak arousal. However, a vascular problem or some other disorder directly in the genital system must also be taken into account.
  • Vaginism: Behind this name hides a serious disorder of the sexual function of the vagina, when there is a permanent tightening of the muscles of the vagina. The man is thus unable to enter the vagina with his penis, but the woman may even have a problem satisfying herself during masturbation. This disease mostly has psychological causes, most often it is some kind of trauma.
  • Anorgasmia: Anorgasmia is an even more serious condition that can affect both men and women. It is a condition where it is impossible to achieve orgasm. With total or complete anorgasmia, it is not possible to do so either during masturbation or during normal intercourse, that is, not at all. If it is only partial anorgasmia, it is not possible to reach orgasm with only a certain type of stimulation.

During Masturbation and Intercourse

Sometimes the above problems can be caused by the use of incorrect masturbation techniques, but in most cases they manifest themselves not only during self-gratification, but also in normal sexual intercourse. I recommend not to ignore them and certainly to address them, if necessary, with a doctor.

How to Improve and Promote Healthy Masturbation

Timp necesar: 10 days 00 hours 00 minutes

e In practical terms, both sexes are interested in masturbation, but men in particular are slightly more likely to masturbate. This can also be seen on internet forums, where men mainly ask questions about how to satisfy themselves. The answer for both sexes is: to naturally promote healthy sexuality.

*To promote healthy masturbation, as well as an overall healthy sex life, I recommend taking regimen measures related to your entire sex life and sexual health

It is important to promote a sufficient appetite for sex, to promote the healthy functioning of the entire reproductive system, including the sexual organs, and of course to take measures against routine, stereotype and boredom in a normal sexual relationship. These changes will affect both healthy masturbation and improve the whole sex life.
Regardless of your gender, your main focus should be on the following things:

  1. Healthy Diet

    Improving blood circulation in the genital system can be achieved by counteracting cholesterol or blood sugar, which means especially a healthier diet

  2. Increase Sex Hormones

    Increasing the level of sex hormones is the best way to improve libido, for this purpose you can use several foods from the category of natural aphrodisiacs

  3. Masturbare

    I recommend spicing up your masturbation and sex life by using various erotic and sexual aids, especially those with a vibrating function you can treat your partner to tantra massages and sexual massages, they help with sexual vitality.

  4. Avoid Negative Factors

    Generally negative factors such as alcohol, smoking or excessive use of drugs should be avoided, they have a bad influence on the health and functionality of the sexual system. A very interesting option for both women and men are also supportive means in the form of tablets or preparations for external use, I will mention them at the end

Frequently Asked Questions About Masturbation

Internet forums and discussions are full of questions on the topic of masturbation. Most often, both men and women ask about how often to masturbate and what is and what is not too frequent masturbation. The second type of questions are inquiries about masturbation techniques and the impact of masturbation on health. Here are the most frequently asked questions and my answers to them:

  1. Can masturbation be dangerous or negative?

    In the vast majority of cases certainly not, but it also depends a lot on whether you masturbate at a healthy intensity or not. If masturbation becomes a substitute for intercourse and a man or woman becomes addicted to it, it causes problems in normal sex and partner life.

  2. Does libido also affect masturbation, for example the intensity of repetition?

    Yes, even libido, or sex drive, has a dominant influence in this area. The higher a man or woman's libido, the more sexual energy they have, and the more intensely they feel the desire for sexual stimulation, whether in the form of masturbation or intercourse.

  3. What are the most common ways and forms of masturbation?

    The most common form of masturbation is self-gratification using hands and fingers. The second form is self-gratification through sexual aids, led by vibrators for women and masturbators for men. The third form is mutual and simultaneous masturbation by both partners.

  4. Is there an addiction to masturbation?

    Experts argue about whether masturbation addiction can exist in practice, but I answer that it certainly can. But I will not presume to set a limit as to what intensity of masturbation is already problematic and constitutes an addiction. As I wrote above, it mainly depends on libido and sexual energy.

  5. Do men or women masturbate more often? Are there any limits to masturbation?

    Some surveys show that men masturbate slightly more often, almost 90% of them. For women the figure is smaller, but not by much, just over 80%. Interestingly, there are no limits, both men and women masturbate regardless of age, even in old age, and also regardless of relationship, even in marriage

How Erection and Libido Support Products Work and Why I Recommend Them

To promote better sexual stimulation and achieve more intense orgasms, whether during masturbation or normal intercourse, it is also possible through other substances. These are either pills or products for internal use.

Both forms have a common operating principle:

  • Since the intensity of sexual arousal and climax depends on the level of blood supply and libido, these preparations act precisely on erections, hormones and better blood supply to the vagina

The preparations also have several important advantages:

  • Since the products are natural, they act naturally and do not contain any synthetic substances, which is also reflected in trouble-free use
  • Dosing can be a one-time, for example just before sexual intercourse, but also long-term, even for 3 or 4 months
    thanks to their relatively rich composition,
  • They do not act exclusively to increase libido or to improve blood circulation to the genitals, but also to improve sexual vitality in general

The great benefit is that you can buy these products without the need to have a prescription or a prescription from a doctor, you don’t even have to visit one. Both tablets and products for external use are over-the-counter and several manufacturers sell them through their online shop.

Only Proven and Reputable Brands

As there is a large selection of different pills, capsules, gels and creams, it is very easy for a layman to get confused when choosing brands. I recommend buying the better-known brands that are approved by the Public Health Authority, have transparent ingredients and a clear manufacturer.

Preparations That Both My Partner and I Have Tried and Our Experience With Them

Are you interested in these preparations and products so much that you would like to try them? That’s good, both my partner and I can definitely recommend them based on our experience with long-term use. We have tried several brands and forms of products and if you choose the quality ones, the results are sure to come.

The problem, however, is how to recognize the quality ones. Look primarily at the concentration of substances and their composition, less at the price. The most important thing, however, are the references from practice. If you want, you can put on our recommendations, we have good experience with these brands: