Cumpărați Dutasteride fără prescripție medicală

cumpăra dutasterid fără prescripție medicală

Cumpărați Dutasteride fără prescripție medicală online nu este dificil? Nu vă faceți griji, cu noi puteți cumpara Dutasterida over the counter

Cumpără Dutasteridă Fără prescripție medicală

vrei sa Cumpără Dutasteridă pe net? On this page, you can see where you can order this medicine without a prescription previously obtained from your own doctor. Safe, reliable, and discreet. This drug belongs to a class of men’s health medications used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and is considered safe by several doctors to order online. Do you want to know more? Then check întrebările frecventecum să cumpăr Dutasteride fără prescripție medicală sau verificați toate prețurile acestui medicament.

Comandați Dutasteride fără prescripție medicală

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Recomandarea medicamentului dutasteridă

The impact of drug therapy on micturition complaints in males (LUTS, BPH) is proscribed. If a trial remedy is decided on, a controlled-release -blocker (alfuzosin, doxazosin, or tamsulosin) is most well-liked in major look after reasonably extreme signs. In secondary care, a 5–reductase inhibitor (resembling Dutasteride) could also be added to the -blocker if prostate quantity is larger. When selecting between Dutasteride and Finasteridă, the latter is worth figuring out.


  • remedy for reasonable to extreme signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
  • decreasing the chance of acute urinary retention and surgical procedures in sufferers with reasonable to extreme signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Dutasteride can be utilised as monotherapy or as a combined remedy with tamsulosin.

What Should You Discuss With Your Doctor Before Using This Medicine?

  • Fiind însărcinată
    • Given the registered indication, it is not relevant.
    • Use is dangerous for people.
    • Dutasteride might inhibit the event of the exterior genitalia within the male foetus.
    • Recomandare: Utilizarea este contraindicată la fete.
    • Fertilitate: A lower rate of fertilitate can’t be excluded.
    • Different: Small quantities of dutasteride are present in semen. It isn’t identified whether or not there’s a hostile impact on a male foetus if the mom is exposed to Dutasteride-treated sufferers’ semen. Due to this fact, a pregnant lady shouldn’t be exposed to those sperm (e.g., condom use). Dutasteride is absorbed via the pores and skin; if (pregnant) women come into contact with the contents of the capsules, the contact space ought to be washed instantly with cleaning soap and water.

  • Alăptarea
    • Transition in breast milk: unknown
    • Recomandare: Utilizarea este contraindicată la fete.

  • Contraindicații
    • severely impaired liver function;
    • hypersensitivity to 5–reductase inhibitors;
    • Hipersensibilitate la soia și arahide (capsule care conțin lecitină);
    • fete, tinere, adolescente.

Interacțiuni medicamentoase dutasteride

Robust CYP3A4 inhibitors, resembling ritonavir, itraconazole, and oral ketoconazole, decelerate the elimination of Dutasteride and enhance the serum focus; take into account decreasing the frequency of administration.

Doza de dutasterid

  • Hiperplazia benignă de prostată:
    • Adulți:
      • Monotherapy or mixture remedy with tamsulosin: 0.5 mg/day
      • Aged: No dose adjustment is required based mostly on age alone.
      • Scăderea operației renale: o ajustare a dozei pur și simplu nu se anticipează a fi vitală.
      • Decreased liver function: attributable to lack of information, use with warning in delicate to reasonable hepatic impairment. Use in extreme hepatic impairment is contraindicated.
      • swallow the capsule completely as a consequence of native irritation of the oropharyngeal mucosa on publicity to the capsule contents.

Măsuri de precauție pentru dutasteride

  1. Dutasterida este contraindicată fetelor și tinerilor sub 18 ani.
  2. Dutasteride is absorbed via the pores and skin; if (pregnant) girls or youngsters come into contact with the contents of the capsules, the contact area ought to be washed instantly with soap and water.
  3. As a beneficial response to Dutasteride is probably not instantly evident, in the case of a giant residual urine and/or severely obstructed urine circulation, fastidiously monitor for obstructive urinary tract illness and periodically assess the necessity for potential surgical intervention.
  4. Research confirmed a better incidence of high-grade prostate cancers when dutasteride was used in contrast with placebo. Rule out prostate most cancers earlier than and recurrently throughout the remedy. It ought to be known that Dutasteride reduces the serum concentration of prostate-specific antigen (PSA). The PSA stage stabilises after six months at about half the baseline stage. It is suggested that PSA ranges be checked recurrently thereafter. Any confirmed increase in PSA stage from the earlier measurement throughout remedy with Dutasteride might point out prostate cancer or poor compliance. After discontinuation of the remedy, complete PSA ranges in the serum return to baseline inside 6 months.
  5. Uncommon circumstances of breast cancer have been reported in research, but a causal hyperlink has not been established. Nonetheless, instruct the affected person to report any changes in breast tissue (lumps or nipple discharge) instantly.
  6. A mixture with the -blocker tamsulosin confirmed an elevated incidence of coronary heart failure in research; nonetheless, a causal relationship has not been established.

Warning ought to be exercised in delicate to reasonable impairment of hepatic function as a consequence of lack of examination information. Dutasteride has not been studied in renal impairment; it isn’t anticipated that dose adjustment is important.

Detrol Side Effects:

  • impotenţă
  • decreased libido
  • ejaculare problems
  • Ginecomastie
  • Alopecie
  • hipertricoza
  • Ameţeală
  • Allergic reactions, together with pores and skin rash, itching, urticaria, native oedema, and angioedema, have additionally been reported.
  • Insuficiență cardiacă coronariană
  • Schimbări de temperament, melancolie.
  • Ache and swelling of the testes
  • Cele mai multe tipuri de cancer de sân la bărbați.

Together remedy with a selective -blocker: within the first 12 months of remedy, disfuncție erectilă, decreased libido, gynaecomastia, and particularly ejaculare problems (together with decreased semen quantity) are extra frequent.

Declinarea responsabilității

Information concerning psychotic disorders, included within the review of Dutasteride, is used for the informative features exclusively and should not be thought of as an alternative to licenced healthcare or referral of the well-being treatment distributor.


cumpăra dutasteridă

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cumpăra dutasterid fără prescripție medicală

Întrebări frecvente

  • Ce este dutasterida?

    In patients diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also referred to as benign enlargement of the prostate (BEP), dutasteride is the medication of choice. This medication assists in the management of your symptoms, lessens the severity of urinary retention, and lessens the likelihood that you will require surgical intervention.

  • Ce trebuie să faceți dacă pierdeți o doză?

    In the event that you forget to take your dose of Dutasteride, you should administer it as soon as you remember. However, if it is almost time for the next dose you are supposed to take, you should skip the dose you missed and go back to your regular dosing schedule. Do not increase the dosage by two.

  • Ce se întâmplă dacă iei prea mult Dutasterid?

    In the event of an overdose, contact your primary care physician or the emergency room of the hospital closest to you. It is possible that you require immediate medical attention. You could also try getting in touch with the hospital's poison management team in your area.

  • Cum se păstrează Dutasteride?

    Keep your medications out of the reach of light and moisture at a temperature between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (20 and 25 degrees Celsius), which is room temperature.

  • Ce ar trebui să evit în timp ce iau dutasterid?

    When you are taking Dutasteride, you should refrain from drinking alcohol and using any illegal medications. They might make the treatment less effective (for example, by making your confusion even worse) while simultaneously making its adverse effects (such as sedation) more severe.

  • Care sunt efectele secundare ale dutasteridei?

    The most common side effects or reactions are lightheadedness, unusual weakness, drowsiness, difficulty sleeping, blurred vision, runny nose, or difficulty ejaculating.

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