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Aktiv beståndsdel: Acetylsalicylsyra
Generisk titel: Aspirin generiskt

Aspirin Utan recept

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What is aspirin?

Aspirin is an irregular antipsychotic medicine. blocks dopamine receptors in the central nervous system (CNS) and interferes with dopamine buttons in the basic ganglia and limbic part of the neocephalon. It is used to treat hypersensitivity, hemopoietic system disorders (including anamnesis), alcoholic and harmful psychosis, myasthenia, and comas.

Användning av aspirinläkemedel

Aspirin extended-release capsules are used to lower the risk of a heart attack in people with coronary artery disease, such as people who have had a heart attack or angina (extreme chest pain) in the past. It can also be used to lower the risk of a second stroke in people who have already had an ischemic stroke or TIA. This medication is available solely with your physician’s prescription.

You Need to Know Before Using This Product

Before taking aspirin, tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to it; or to other salicylates (such as choline salicylate); or to other pain relievers or fever reducers (NSAIDs such as ibuprofen or naproxen); or if you have any other allergies. This product may contain inactive ingredients, which can cause allergic reactions or other problems. Talk to your pharmacist for more details.

This medication should not be used if you have certain medical conditions. Before taking this medicine, talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have problems with bleeding or blood clotting, such as haemophilia, a lack of vitamin K, or a low number of platelets.

Before taking this medicine, you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have any of the following health problems: stomach problems (such as ulcers, heartburn, and stomach pain), aspirin-sensitive asthma (a history of worsening breathing with a runny/stuffy nose after taking aspirin or other NSAIDs), growths in the nose (nasal polyps), gout, and certain enzyme deficiencies (pyruvate kinase or G6PD deficiency).

This medicine may cause stomach bleeding. If you use this product every day and also drink alcohol or smoke, you may be more likely to have this side effect. Limit your intake of alcoholic beverages and quit smoking. Check with your doctor or pharmacist for more information. Tell your doctor or dentist that you are taking this medication before having surgery.

Aspirin Läkemedelsinteraktioner

Although sure medicines shouldn’t be used collectively in any respect, in different circumstances, two totally different medicines could also be used collectively, even when an interplay would possibly happen. In these circumstances, your physician might need to change the dose or different precautions could also be needed. When you’re taking this medication, it’s particularly essential that your healthcare professional know if you’re taking any of the medicines listed beneath. The following interactions were chosen because they might be important, but they aren’t necessarily all of them.

Andra interaktioner

Certain medicines shouldn’t be used at or across the time of consuming meals or consuming certain kinds of meals since interactions might happen. Using alcohol or tobacco with certain medicines can also trigger interactions to happen. The following interactions were chosen because they might be important, but they aren’t necessarily all of them.

Korrekt användning av aspirin

  • Take this medication solely as directed by your physician. Do not take extra of it, don’t take it extra often, and don’t take it for an extended time than your physician ordered.
  • Take the capsule with a full glass of water at the same time every day.
  • Swallow the extended-release capsule completely. Do not crush, break, or chew it.
  • Do not take DurlazaTM 2 hours earlier or 1 hour after consuming alcohol.

Aspirin Dosering

The dose of this medication will be totally different for various sufferers. Follow your physician’s orders or the instructions on the label. The following data consists of solely the common doses of this medication. If your dose is totally different, don’t change it unless your physician tells you to take action.

The quantity of drugs that you simply take depends on the power of the drugs. The variety of doses you’re taking every day, the time allowed between doses, and the length of time you’re taking the drugs depend upon the medical condition for which you’re utilising them.

  • För oralt dosering kinds (extended-release capsules):
    • To decrease the threat of coronary heart assault and stroke:
      • Adults: 162.5 milligrammes (mg) (one capsule) twice a day.
      • Children’s use and dose have to be decided by your physician.

Missad dos

If you miss a dose of this medication, skip the missed dose and return to your usual dosing schedule. Do not double the doses.

Aspirin försiktighetsåtgärder

If you are taking this medicine, it is very important that your doctor check on how you are doing. This will let your doctor know if the drug is working right and help him or her decide if you should keep taking it. This medication can’t be used for therapy of a coronary heart assault. On such occasions, take an aspirin with immediate release.

Make sure your physician is aware of whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use this medication through the latter part of being pregnant unless your physician tells you to. This medication might increase the threat of bleeding issues, together with abdominal ulcers or bleeding. This normally happens if you’re taking aspirin with certain medicines (e.g., NSAIDs, blood thinners). Check with your physician immediately if you have black, tarry stools; extreme or persevering with abdomen aches; uncommon bleeding, bruising, or weakness; or vomiting of blood or materials that appear like espresso grounds.

Do not take different medicines unless they’ve been mentioned by your physician. This includes medicines that need a prescription or can be bought without prescription (over-the-counter, or OTC) and natural or vitamin-based dietary supplements.

Aspirin Lagring

  • Förvara läkemedlen i en sluten behållare vid rumstemperatur, borta från värme, fukt och direkt ljus. Undvik att frysa
  • Håll dig borta från ungdomars prestation.
  • Håll inte föråldrad medicin eller medicin som inte längre önskas.

Biverkningar av aspirin

Tillsammans med dess önskade resultat kan ett läkemedel utlösa vissa negativa effekter. Även om inte alla dessa negativa effekter kan hända, i händelse av att de inträffar, kan de motivera medicinsk övervägande. Kontrollera omedelbart med din läkare om någon av följande negativa effekter inträffar:

  1. abdominal or abdominal ache, cramping, or burning
  2. svarta, tjäriga avföringar
  3. Blodig eller grumlig urin
  4. Change in consciousness
  5. Chest aches or discomfort
  6. förvirring

Andra negativa effekter som inte är listade kan också inträffa hos vissa drabbade. Om du upptäcker några andra resultat, verifiera dem med din läkare. Ring din läkare för en medicinsk rekommendation om eventuella negativa effekter.


Information concerning psychotic disorders, included within the review of Aspirin, is used for the informative features exclusively and should not be thought of as an alternative to licenced healthcare or referral from the well-being treatment distributor.


Denna webbplats är inte kopplad till några varumärken. De äger alla varumärken, logotyper och bilder. Den här webbplatsens innehåll är endast för informationsändamål och är inte avsett som medicinsk rådgivning, diagnos eller behandling. Om du har frågor om ett medicinskt problem, kontakta en läkare. Avvisa inte medicinsk rådgivning eller dröj inte med att få det på grund av denna webbplats.

På denna webbplats säljer vi inga mediciner och hänvisar besökare till betrodda internetleverantörer. På detta sätt sparar vi dig och det bästa priset för människor många problem och du kan enkelt och lagligt få denna kraftfulla medicin.

köpa acetylsalicylsyra utan recept

Vanliga frågor

  • Vad är Aspirin Generic?

    Aspirin Generic är ett läkemedel som snabbt tränger in i alla vävnader och vätskor, absorption sker i tarmen och levern.

  • Vad ska du göra om du saknar en dos?

    Om du missar en dos av Aspirin Generic, ta den så snabbt som möjligt. Men oavsett om det praktiskt taget är dags för din efterföljande dos, hoppa över den missade dosen och återgå till ditt vanliga doseringsschema. Dubbla inte doser.

  • Vad händer om du tar för mycket Aspirin Generic?

    Om en överdosering inträffar, namnge din läkare eller 911. Du kan behöva akut vård. Du kan också kontakta gifthanteringen på ditt lokala sjukhus

  • Hur förvarar man Aspirin Generic?

    Förvara i rumstemperatur mellan 59-77 grader F (15-25 grader C) borta från ljus.

  • Vad ska jag undvika när jag tar Aspirin Generic?

    Undvik att konsumera alkohol eller använda olaglig medicin när du tar Aspirin Generic. De kan minska fördelarna (t.ex. förvärra din förvirring) och förbättra fientliga resultat (t.ex. sedering) av läkemedlet.

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