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Escitalopram är en aktiv ingrediens för Lexapro och Dexanil.

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Lexapro brand names:

  • 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg; Liquid: 1 mg/mL
  • Escitalopram tabletter: 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg; Vätska: 1 mg/ml

Escitalopram (es sye TAL oh pram)

What is Lexapro or Escitalopram?

Lexapro is an antidepressant medicine that works within the mind. It is authorised for the remedy of main depressive dysfunction (MDD) and generalised nervousness dysfunction (GAD).

Symtom på förtvivlan omfamnar:

  • Nedtryckt humör-känsla olycklig, tom eller gråtfärdig
  • Känner mig förtvivlad, ansvarsfull, hopplös och hjälplös
  • förlust av nyfikenhet eller nöje i dina gemensamma handlingar.
  • Sova och äta är ganska vanligt (för de flesta individer är det mycket mindre).
  • Låg vitalitet, koncentrationssvårigheter eller idéer om bortgång (självmordsbegrundande)
  • Psykomotorisk agitation ('nervös energi')
  • Psykomotorisk retardation (känns som att du överför och funderar i gradvis rörelse)
  • Suicidala idéer eller beteende

Generalised nervousness dysfunction (GAD) happens when an individual experiences extreme nervousness or fear for no less than six months. Other signs embrace

  • Rastlöshet
  • Trötthet (låg vitalitet, känner mig tömd regelbundet)
  • Koncentrationssvårigheter
  • Irritabilitet
  • Muskeltryck
  • Sömnstörningar (problem med att somna eller vakna under kvällen)

Lexapro might also be useful when prescribed “off-label” for obsessive-compulsive dysfunction (OCD), consuming issues reminiscent of binge-consuming dysfunction or bulimia nervosa, panic dysfunction, posttraumatic stress dysfunction (PTSD), and premenstrual dysphoric dysfunction (PMDD). “Off-label” means that it hasn’t been authorised by the Food and Drug Administration for this situation. Your psychological well-being supplier ought to justify his or her pondering in recommending an “off-label” remedy. They ought to be clear in regards to the limits of the analysis of that medicine and if there are some other choices.

What is the important information to know about this medicine?

Do not cease taking Lexapro, even if you really feel better. With input from you, your health care supplier will assess how long you will have to take the drugs. Missing doses of escitalopram might improve your threat of relapse in your signs.

Stopping escitalopram abruptly might end in a number of the next withdrawal signs:

  • Irritabilitet
  • illamående
  • känner dig yr
  • kräkningar
  • mardrömmar
  • huvudvärk
  • (prickling, tingling sensation on the pores and skin)

Depression can also be part of bipolar illness. People with bipolar dysfunction who take antidepressiva medel could also be in danger of “switching” from despair into mania. Symptoms of mania include:

  • "Högt" eller irriterat humör
  • excessive vanity.
  • minskad sömnbehov
  • Strain to maintain speaking
  • racingidéer
  • I was simply distracted.
  • I am steadily concerned about actions with a big threat of dangerous penalties (for instance, extreme shopping sprees).

Medical consideration ought to be sought if serotonin syndrome is suspected. Please discuss the severe unintended effects of indicators and signs.

Finns det specifika bekymmer om Escitalopram?

If you’re planning on becoming pregnant, notify your health care supplier to best handle your drugs. People living with MDD who want to become pregnant face essential choices. Untreated MDD has dangers to the foetus, in addition to the mom. It is essential to debate the dangers and advantages of each remedy with your physician and caregivers. For women who take antidepressant drugs throughout weeks 13 through the end of their pregnancy (second and third trimesters), there’s a threat that the infant could be born earlier than it’s absolutely developed (earlier than 37 weeks).

For moms who’ve taken SSRIs throughout their pregnancy, there seems to be less than a 1% likelihood of infants developing persistent pulmonary hypertension. This is a probably deadly situation that’s related to use of the antidepressant within the second half of being pregnant. However, girls who discontinued antidepressant remedies were five times more prone to have a despair relapse than those that continued their antidepressants. If you’re pregnant, please talk about the dangers and advantages of antidepressant use with your health care provider.

Caution is suggested with breastfeeding since escitalopram does move into breast milk.

What Should I Discuss With My Healthcare Provider Before Taking Lexapro?

  • Symtom på din situation som antagligen stör dig mest.
  • Om du har haft idéer om självmord eller att skada dig själv,
  • Mediciner som du hittills har tagit i din situation, oavsett om de har varit effektiva eller inducerat några antagonistiska resultat,
  • Om du upplever oavsiktliga effekter av dina droger, prata om dem med din leverantör. Vissa oavsiktliga effekter kan försvinna med tiden, men andra kan kräva modifieringar av läkemedlet.
  • Alla olika psykiatriska eller medicinska problem du har, tillsammans med ett historiskt förflutet med bipolär dysfunktion
  • Alla de olika läkemedel du för närvarande tar (tillsammans med receptfria varor, naturliga kosttillskott och kosttillskott) och eventuella medicinallergiska reaktioner du har
  • Ett annat icke-medicinskt botemedel som du får påminner om ett talmedel eller missbruksmedel. Din leverantör kan klargöra hur dessa helt olika terapier fungerar med läkemedlet.
  • Om du är gravid, planerar att bli gravid eller ammar,
  • If you drink alcohol or use medication,

Hur ska jag ta Escitalopram?

  • Escitalopram is often taken one time per day with or without meals.
  • Vanligtvis börjar de drabbade med en låg dos medicinering och dosen höjs långsamt under ett antal veckor.
  • The dose often ranges from 10 mg to twenty mg. Only your health care supplier can decide the right dose for you.
  • The liquid ought to be measured with a dosing spoon or oral syringe, which you will get from your pharmacy.

Consider utilising a calendar, pillbox, alarm clock, or cell phone alert that will help you remember to take your medicine. You might also ask a member of the family or buddy to remind you or check in with you to make sure you take your medicine.

What Happens If I Miss A Dose Of Lexapro?

If you miss a dose of Lexapro, take it as quickly as you can remember, except it’s nearer to the time of your subsequent dose. Discuss this with your health care supplier. Do not double your subsequent dose or take more than what’s prescribed.

Vad ska jag undvika när jag tar Lexapro?

Avoid ingesting alcohol or utilising unlawful medication while you’re taking antidepressant drugs. They might reduce the advantages (e.g., worsen your situation) and improve antagonistic results (e.g., sedation) of the medicine.

Vad händer om jag överdoserar?

If an overdose happens, call your physician or 911. You may have to get urgent medical care. You might also contact the poison centre.

En särskild åtgärd för att vända konsekvenserna av escitalopram finns inte.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Lexapro Escitalopram?

  • Huvudvärk
  • illamående
  • diarre
  • torr mun
  • Förhöjd svettning
  • känna sig nervös
  • stressad, trötthet
  • having trouble sleeping (insomnia).
  • Sexual unintended effects, reminiscent of issues with orgasm or ejaculatory delay, typically don’t diminish over time.
  • Low sodium blood ranges (signs of low sodium ranges might include headaches, weak spots, problems concentrating and remembering)
  • Tooth grinding
  • (signs of angle closure glaucoma might embrace eye ache, modifications in imaginative and prescient, swelling or redness in or around the eye)
  • Serotonin syndrome (signs might embrace shivering, diarrhoea, confusion, extreme muscle tightness, fever, seizures, and demise).
  • beslag

SSRI antidepressants together with escitalopram might improve the chance of bleeding events. Combined use of aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (e.g., ibuprofen, naproxen), warfarin, and different anti-coagulants might reduce this threat. This might include signs reminiscent of gums that bleed extra easily, nostril bleeds, or gastrointestinal bleeding. Some circumstances have been life threatening.

Is There Any Risk in Taking It?

To date, there have not been any identified issues related to long-term use of escitalopram. It is a safe and efficient medicine when used as directed.

Vilka andra läkemedel kan interagera med Lexapro?

Escitalopram ska inte tas med eller inuti 2 veckor efter monoaminoxidashämmare (MAO -hämmare). Dessa omfamnar:

  • Fenelzin (Nardil®)
  • tranylcypromin (Parnate®).
  • isokarboxazid (Marplan®).
  • rasagiline (Azilect®).
  • selegilin (Emsam®).

Although uncommon, there may be an elevated threat of serotonin syndrome when escitalopram is used with different drugs that improve serotonin, reminiscent of different antidepressants, migraine drugs referred to as “triptans” (e.g., Imitrex®), some pain drugs (e.g., tramadol (Ultram®), the antibiotic linezolid (Zyvox®), and amphetamines.

Escitalopram kanske förbättra konsekvenserna av olika läkemedel som kan utlösa blödning (t.ex. ibuprofen (Advil®, Motrin®), warfarin (Coumadin®) och aspirin).

How Long Does It Take to Work?

Sleep, vitality, or the urge for food might present some enhancement throughout the first 1-2 weeks. Improvement in these bodily signs could be an essential early sign that the medicine is working. Depressed temper and lack of curiosity in actions may have as much as 6-8 weeks to totally improve.


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Vanliga frågor

  1. Vad är Lexapro?

    Lexapro Escitalopram tillhör medicinerna mot depression. Det används för att behandla allvarlig depression i samband med humörstörningar. 

  2. Vad ska jag göra om jag glömmer en dos?

    Det är viktigt att ta detta läkemedel konsekvent. Om du glömmer en dos: ta den så snabbt som du har i åtanke förutom att det är närmare tiden för din efterföljande dos. Fördubbla inte din efterföljande dos eller ta mer än vad som är ordinerat.

  3. Vilka interaktioner har Lexapro med andra läkemedel?

    Det kan orsaka extremt illamående, kräkningar, svettningar och komplikationer.

  4. Kan jag bara sluta ta Escitalopram?

    Följ läkarens anvisningar om när du ska sluta med medicinen.

    Plötsligt stoppa Escitalopram kan därför orsaka samma symtom som de du tog det för i första hand. Titta på alla de olika typerna av Escitalopram här.

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