Köp Naltrexone utan recept

köp naltrexon utan recept

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Generisk identifiera: Naltrexon (nalt TREKS ett)
Varumärken): Revia, Vivotrol

Köp Naltrexon utan recept

vill du buy naltrexone online? On this page, you can see where you can order this medicine without prescription previously obtained from your own doctor. safe, reliable, and discreet. This drug belongs to the anti-alcohol drugs and is considered safe by several doctors to order online. Do you want to know more? Then check de vanliga frågorna, how to buy Revia without prescription eller kolla alla priserna på detta läkemedel.

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DoseringKvantitetPrisKontrollera produkten
50 mg10 piller€ 229.00
50 mg20 piller€ 329.00
50 mg30 piller€ 399.00

Naltrexone Brand names:

  • ReVia® tablett: 50 mg
  • Vivitrol® intramuskulär injektion: 380 mg

Vad är Revia?

People who are addicted to alcohol or opioids can take the drug Revia, which works in the brain to get the results that are wanted. The drug Revia works by inhibiting the effect that opioid receptors have on the brain, which in turn reduces the desire to use substances like alcohol or opioids. Those who take the medication are able to better control their urges to use, which in turn makes it easier for them to remain abstinent from the substances in question. It is very important to combine Revia therapy with counselling or some other kind of help.

Symptoms of alcohol and/or opioid dependence include:

  • Att inte kunna sluta använda alkohol eller opioider oavsett problem med välbefinnande och relationer.
  • being unable till quit using alkohol eller opioids despite having negative effekter on one’s health och relationships despite these negative effects.
  • When an individual is unable to use alcohol or opioids, the presence of withdrawal symptoms, such as sweating, shaking, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, and nervousness, may be observed.
  • spending the vast majority of one’s time either drinking alcohol or using opioids, or looking for new ways to do either of those things, is an indicator of problematic substance use.
  • Har en önskan dock en oförmåga att minska mängden alkohol eller opioider som används
  • Att ge upp glädjande handlingar i ett försök att använda alkohol eller opioider

Vad är viktig information att veta om detta läkemedel?

Do not cease taking Revia, even whenever you really feel higher. With input from you, your well-being care supplier will assess how long you will have to take the drugs. Missing doses of Revia might improve your threat of relapse.

You have to be free from all opioid-containing substances (reminiscent of codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, or heroin) for no less than 7 to 10 days before starting Revia, or you might experience withdrawal symptoms, such as sweating, shaking, nausea, or vomiting.

After stopping naltrexone, you’ll need to decrease doses of opioids for pain. Do not start utilising opioids at the doses you tolerated prior to beginning Revia. Doing so places you in danger of respiratory despair.

Liver damage might happen with naltrexone. Blood tests could be used to monitor this. Notify your doctor right away if you notice any yellowing of your skin or eyes, severe abdominal pain, or severe nausea or vomiting.

Patients with substance use issues are at excessive risk for despair and suicidal ideas. If you have any experience with suicidal thoughts, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Alert all of your physicians and pharmacists that you’re taking Revia. Consider keeping a card in your pocket that states you use naltrexone to alert caregivers in the event of an emergency.

While on naltrexone, opioid pain medicines are not going to work. Other pain relievers (such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or acetaminophen) will not be affected.

Are There Specific Concerns About Naltrexone?

If you’re planning on becoming pregnant, notify your healthcare supplier to best handle your drugs. People with substance use issues who want to become pregnant face essential choices and challenges. Active substance use issues throughout being pregnant put the fetus at nice threat. It is essential to discuss the dangers and advantages of continued treatment with your physician and caregivers.

When used in pregnant women, the effects of revia on the foetus are unknown. It is probably true that revia crosses the placenta and could be transferred to the foetus. During animal studies, Revia didn’t seem to change the way animals were built, but there did seem to be some changes in behaviour and early foetal loss. Because these findings cannot be applied to humans, revia should only be used in pregnant women if the benefits outweigh the risks to the foetus.

Breastfeeding while taking Revia is not advised because Revia appears to cross into breast milk. The results of revia on the infant are unknown.

Vad ska jag diskutera med min vårdgivare innan jag tar Revia?

  • Symptom på din situation som stör dig förmodligen mest
  • Om du har fått allergiska reaktioner mot läkemedel
  • Om du har fått idéer om självmord eller skada dig själv
  • Läkemedel du har tagit upp till nu i din situation, oavsett om de hade varit effektiva eller framkallat några antagonistiska resultat
  • Om du upplever oavsiktliga effekter av dina läkemedel. Vissa oavsiktliga effekter kan röra sig med tiden, men andra kan kräva ändringar inom medicinen.
  • Alla olika psykiatriska eller medicinska problem du har fått, tillsammans med ett historiskt förflutet av leversjukdom
  • Alla olika läkemedel du för närvarande tar (tillsammans med receptfria varor, naturliga och kosttillskott) och eventuella medicinska allergiska reaktioner du har fått
  • Andra icke-medicinska behandlingar du får, som påminner om att tala botemedel. Din leverantör kan klargöra hur dessa helt olika terapier fungerar med medicinen.
  • Om du är gravid, planerar att bli gravid eller ammar
  • Om du använder olaglig medicin eller narkotika

Hur ska jag ta Naltrexone?

Naltrexone is accessible as an oral pill and an intramuscular injection. Only your healthcare provider can decide the route of administration and the proper dose for you.

  • Naltrexon oral tabletter tas ofta så snart som varje dag med eller utan måltider. Om du tar naltrexon -tabletter i samband med måltider kan du sänka din buk. Normalt ges personer en dos på 25 mg varje dag för att se till att de kommer att tolerera medicinen. Om den låga dosen tolereras, höjs dosen till 50 mg varje dag.
  • Injektionsdosen är 380 mg intramuskulärt var fjärde vecka. Dessa injektioner ges av din läkare, sjuksköterska eller apotekspersonal.

Consider utilising a calendar, pillbox, alarm clock, or cell phone alert that will help you remember to take your medicine. You might also ask a family member or a buddy to remind you or check in with you to make sure you take your medicine.

Vad händer om jag saknar en dos Revia?

If you miss a dose of oral revia, take it as quickly as you can keep in mind, except that it’s nearer the time of your next dose. Do not double your subsequent dose or take more than what’s prescribed.

Vad ska jag undvika när jag tar Revia?

While taking Revia, avoid drinking alcohol, using opioid pain relievers (such as codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, or morphine), or using illegal drugs. They might improve the antagonistic results (e.g., sedation) of the medicine.

Keep in mind that some cough syrups might include opioid pain medicine. Discuss all drugs with your physician and pharmacist prior to taking Revia.

Vad händer om jag överdoserar?

If an overdose happens, name your physician or the emergency number in your local area. You may have pressing medical care. You might also contact the poison management centre.

Along with methadone, Evzio® (naloxone) nasal spray can be used to reverse opioid overdose. After administering Naloxone to someone to treat an overdose, you should always call 911. Ask your supplier if prescription naloxone is best for you or a member of your family to have accessible.

Vad är möjliga Naltrexon -biverkningar?

  • Illamående, kräkningar, huvudvärk, yrsel, muskelkramper, förändringar i matlust, nervositet, rastlöshet eller sömnstörning (sömnlöshet) kan hända
  • Blåmärken, klåda, ömhet eller svullnad på injektionswebbplatsen kan hända med den injicerbara typen av naltrexon
  • Ökad blodspänning eller kranskärlsladdning, förvirring, förtvivlan, mardrömmar, suddig fantasifull och prescient, nästäppa
  • Leverförändringar eller leversvikt
  • Suicidala idéer har rapporterats. Människor som upplever självmordstankar medan de tar naltrexon borde kontakta sin leverantör omedelbart
  • Allvarlig allergisk lunginflammation har rapporterats. Patienter bör kontakta sin leverantör om de har tecken på hosta, väsande andning eller andningsproblem

Finns det några risker att ta?

To date, there have not been any identified issues related to the long-term use of Revia. It is a safe and efficient medicine when used as directed.

Vilka andra läkemedel kan interagera med Revia?

Revia might lower the consequences of opioid drugs, cough/cold drugs, and sure anti-diarrheal drugs. Do not take larger than advisable doses to attain results, as this might result in coma or death.

Undvik läkemedel som kommer att skada din lever, som påminner om överdrivna doser av Tylenol® (acetaminofen). Prata med din vårdleverantör om alla läkemedel du tar.

Hur lång tid tar det att arbeta?

Naltrexon börjar arbeta strax efter att ha tagit en dos.


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buy naltrexone without presciption

Vanliga frågor

  1. Vad är Revia Naltrexone?

    Naltrexone, which is sold under the brand name Revia, is a medication that is classified as an anti-alcohol drug and is used to treat alcoholism as well as addictive disorders.

  2. Vad ska jag göra om jag glömmer en dos?

    It is essential to take this medication on a regular basis. If you forget to take a dose, take it as soon as you remember, unless it is getting close to the time of your next dose. Do not double your next dose or take more than what is prescribed.

  3. Vilka interaktioner har Naltrexone med andra läkemedel?

    Det kan orsaka extremt illamående, kräkningar, svettningar och komplikationer.

  4. Kan jag bara sluta ta Revia?

    Always listen to the advice of your doctor regarding when you should stop taking your medication.

    When you suddenly stop taking Naltrexone, you may experience the same symptoms that you were taking it to treat in the first place. Take a look at the various formulations of Naltrexone that are available here.

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