Both men and women have urinary tract problems, although it is true that fairer sex suffers from various inflammations and infections somewhat more often, mainly for physiological reasons. Typical manifestations of impaired urinary tract function and health include problems with urinary intensity, more frequent urination, or burning or painful sensations. However, even without the occurrence of these manifestations, it is important to be concerned about the state of the urinary system, at least because it is related to the health of the reproductive system . There are a number over the counter uti medication which can help you or prevent urinary tract conditions.

Some people use homeopathic remedies, brustabletter or “guaranteed” recipes of grandmothers. However, based on my own and my partner’s experience, I personally prefer over-the-counter pills based on natural substances.

What Is the Urinary System

The urinary system is the lay name for the excretory system made up of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. The bladder and ureters are sometimes collectively called the urinary tract, and it is these that tend to be most affected by infections and inflammation.

The excretory system is one of the most important systems in the human body, with its purpose being the removal of urine from the body. The latter is made up of waste and toxic substances produced by the activity of other organs in the body. In men, the condition of the urinary system is also related to sex life, at least in that ejaculate passes through the urethra.

The urinary system and urinary tract are affected by various types of diseases and problems. The most common ones, which occur in both men and women, are undoubtedly inflammations or infections, mostly of a bacterial nature.


The urinary system, professionally called the excretory system, provides water management and excretion of waste and toxic substances of the liquid type from the body. It removes waste and foreign substances from the body, functioning continuously 24 hours a day throughout life.

The options you have for dealing with urinary tract problems at home

When it comes to urinary tract related problems, I want to say at the outset that not everything can be solved at home. Various tumors or cysts certainly do not resolve through any home treatment, the same applies in the case of serious inflammations and infections.

For intense or repeated occurrence of any unpleasant symptoms related to the urinary system and urination, I recommend a visit to the doctor. He will make a professional diagnosis and prescribe treatment, most often based on medication. However, several measures can be part of both support and prevention .

These are the ones you can apply at home:

  • maintain a regular drinking regimen ,
  • the best is plain water, on the contrary,
  • avoid sweetened beverages and sodas,
  • avoid irritating foods and drinks ,
  • limit caffeine, spices,
  • chili and of course alcohol, for example, various herbal teas based on plants with a positive urological effect or a purifying effect on the urinary tract are also recommended it is important to increase immunity to preventive measure, especially by consuming fruits containing antioxidants and vitamin C.
  • hygiene must also be improved, which is particularly important in the future to prevent recurrence of the infection, and this applies especially to womenrest
  • from excessive physical activity is also important
  • if your doctor tells you to stay in bed, follow this advice positive
  • support is also provided by nutritional supplements in the form of tablets for oral use, those based on natural substances are becoming increasingly popular.

The principle and effects of tablets for the urinary tract

One of the options I mentioned above are urinary tract and urinary system support pills. I don’t mean medications that your doctor prescribes, but over-the-counter preparations and products that are Without Prescription.

These pills are based on extracts of plants with a purifying effect on the urinary tract, for example, Goldenseal or Dandelion. Very often cranberries are also included in the composition, which also have a preventive effect on the urinary tract. Often a vitamin, such as vitamin D, is also included.

The principle of action is the action on the wall of the urinary tract, where these substances reduce the adhesion of bacteria and these are flushed out of the urinary system through the urethra away from the body. There is an effect on existing bacteria, but also a preventive effect for the future.

Undesirable and Side Effects

One of the advantages of a composition without synthetic substances is not only the natural action on the urinary system, but also a minimum of undesirable or side effects. Thus, taking it is also possible in the long term and without the occurrence of any unpleasant problems and effects.

Vanliga frågor

There are a lot of misunderstandings and questions about urinary tract tablets that are too incomprehensible for most people with a lack of experience to understand at first glance. To shed a little more light on the situation, I decided to answer the most common ones:

  1. Can These Pills Help for Any Urinary Tract Problem?

    This is not the case, as they are freely available pills with natural composition, which, based on their substances, have the ability to act only on bacterial infections in the urinary tract. Thus, they can be a prevention against such inflammations or a support for their better management. They are by no means an alternative to medicines.

  2. What All Do These Pills Affect?

    The effect of preparations of this type is twofold. Firstly, they help the current bacterial infection, and at the same time they act as a preventive measure for the future. In addition to having a direct effect on the urinary tract, some types and brands may also have an effect on the bladder or promote a boost in immunity.

  3. How Long Should They Be Taken?

    This depends on what the package leaflet says, the size of the pack, also the dosage method and especially whether or not they help you, i.e. whether or not the symptoms subside. Most commonly these products are taken for 5 to 15 days, but some brands can be taken long term as a prevention for several months. I recommend sticking to the manufacturer’s dosage.

  4. Where Can I Buy These Pills?

    As these are properly registered dietary supplements, you can of course buy them in a pharmacy. You do not need any prescription or prescription for this, the pills are sold freely. The other option is to buy from the comfort of your home, for example via an online pharmacy. Some brands also have their own official eshop, which I use myself.

  5. Can Children Take These Pills?

    Depending on the specific brand or formulation, just check the package insert, which always states who the pills are for. Some can be taken by children, for example from the age of 12, but I would always check with a doctor about possible use. He or she may recommend a smaller dosage, for example.

Piller som både min partner och jag har provat och vår erfarenhet av dem

Myself and my partner have tried several brands and types of urinary tract tablets. Some are well-known, others we discovered based on positive references from other users. The offer on the market is really varied, but this is not always an advantage.

In addition to interesting and high-quality products, there are many more that are poor in practice. This is mainly due to the desire to keep the price as low as possible, which is reflected in the inferior quality of the active ingredients and their concentration. I therefore recommend that, first and foremost, when making a choice, we look at the quality and references from practice, not just at how much the pills cost.

Hur känner du till de viktigaste principerna att hålla sig till när du gör ditt val?

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Before I introduce you to the brands that have worked best for me and my partner, I would like to give you the 4 most important principles to stick to when making your choice:

  1. Know the compositions

    the composition is the basis for these products, but it is important to look at the quality of the substances and not the quantity

  2. Know your brand

    if the brand is completely unknown, it is necessary to look at the real reviews of other users with it to get an objective picture

  3. Buy preparations

    Always buy these preparations only in the pharmacy or from the official distributor through his eshop, never through an advertisement

I recommend not to believe all the bombastic claims about the effects

Let’s now take a look at the brands of tablets that I or my partner have tried and how they work in practice. Whatever you like, here they are: