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Aktiv beståndsdel: Morfin
Varumärken): Champix

What is Varenicline

Champix is a well-liked treatment to stop smoking.

  • Champix innehåller vareniklin, som imiterar effekten av nikotin (läkemedlet i tobak som gör det beroendeframkallande).
  • Champix works by stimulating the receptors within the mind that reply to nicotine, so that you’ll get fewer nicotine withdrawal signs once you give up smoking.

You start taking Champix per week earlier than you want to give up smoking. This provides it an opportunity to build up in your physique, so that by the point your physique begins to really feel withdrawal signs, Champix has already taken impact.

Usually you’ll begin with a lower dose after which build it up and the remedy will last for roughly 3 months, but observe your prescription. Most individuals don’t experience unwanted effects, and in the event that they do, they’re very delicate – they are often lessened further by taking Champix after a meal.

Hur tas Champix?

Champix tablets need to be taken at a similar time each day. The commonplace remedy period is 12 weeks. However, your physician could resolve to increase your remedy if vital (offered you have stopped smoking). If you ever neglect a dose, simply take it as quickly as you bear in mind, then proceed to remedy at the right time. If it’s practically time for the next pill, skip the dose you missed-don’t take a double dose to compensate for a missed pill.

Precautions before taking Champix

Although Champix tablets might be taken by most people who smoke who wish to stop, it’s not appropriate for everybody. Before taking Champix, you will need to talk about your medical history with a physician. When you purchase Champix from Superdrug, ensure you fill in our temporary medical questionnaire and supply the proper solutions, so our physician can assess whether or not you can take the tablets. It is especially vital that you just point this out when you’ve ever suffered from a psychological well being issue similar to despair.

It just isn’t uncommon for people who smoke to experience signs of despair. The same applies when stopping smoking with Champix tablets. If you experience signs of despair or have suicidal ideas throughout your smoking cessation remedy, seek medical assistance immediately.

For instance, you should not take Champix if you’re allergic to any of the substances, for instance the energetic substance varenicline. You also need to inform the physician when you’ve had issues with your coronary heart, a stroke, or seizures/epilepsy.

Champix just isn’t appropriate for girls who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Champix and quitting smoking could have an effect on the way in which your physique responds to different medicines. Please inform your physician about every other drug that you’re taking. You mustn’t take Champix with different drugs to stop smoking.

For a full checklist of all dangers and proposals, see the Champix affected person leaflet provided along with your give up smoking tablets.

Champix biverkningar

Champix could cause unwanted effects in some sufferers. You can also experience signs of withdrawal.

Champix® can embody:

  • illamående
  • bensin (vind)
  • förstoppning
  • komplikationer
  • ovanliga önskningar
  • ändringar i sättet på vilket måltider smakar

In uncommon instances, Champix® could cause despair or suicidal thoughts. If you are feeling like this, you must cease taking Champix® and phone us by way of your affected person report. If it seems like an emergency, contact your nearest A&E division.

Mycket utbredda oönskade effekter

  • irritation i näsborren och halsen
  • oregelbundna önskningar
  • problem med att sova
  • huvudvärk
  • illamående

Vanliga Champix-biverkningar

  • en infektion i bröstet
  • irritation av bihålorna
  • förhöjd vikt
  • förhöjd eller minskad matlust
  • klåda
  • ledvärk
  • muskler och igen värk
  • sömnighet
  • yrsel
  • ändringar i sättet som utfärdar stil
  • andnöd/andningsproblem
  • hosta
  • halsbränna, kräkningar, förstoppning, diarré, uppsvälld känsla, magsmärta, tandvärk
  • matsmältningsbesvär, gasbildning
  • bröstvärk
  • trötthet
  • torr mun
  • porer och hudutslag

For a full checklist of all Champix’s unwanted effects, please see the patient leaflet.

Very uncommon unwanted effects include despair, agitation, suicidal ideas, coronary heart issues, strokes, and seizures. If you might be anxious about any of those, cease your remedy and phone a physician urgently.

There have been studies of altered tempers in individuals taking CHAMPIX. If you are feeling agitated, depressed, or have suicidal thoughts, you will need to stop the remedy and seek medical attention urgently. If you have already suffered from any psychological issues, you must inform your physician before taking this medicine.