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What is Low Blood Pressure

Low yüksek tansiyon is a reading of less than 90/60mmHg. It does not constantly trigger signs, however you might require treatment if it does.

Get your yüksek tansiyon inspected if you keep getting signs like:

  • lightheadedness or lightheadedness
  • sensation ill
  • bulanık görme
  • typically feeling weak
  • bilinç bulanıklığı, konfüzyon
  • bayılma

This may suggest your yüksek tansiyon is too low.

If you get signs when you stand or unexpectedly alter position, you might have postural hypotension.

How to Check Your Blood Pressure

You can inspect your yüksek tansiyon:

  • by asking if a pharmacist can do it
  • by asking a practice nurse or GP to do it
  • in your home yourself utilizing a house yüksek tansiyon display– Blood Pressure UK knows about selecting a yüksek tansiyon display

Low yüksek tansiyon is a measurement of less than 90/60mmHg.

Regular Blood Pressure Check

If you’re 40 to 74 years of ages, you need to have your yüksek tansiyon inspected a minimum of when every 5 years as part of the your local doctorHealth Check

Non- immediate recommendations: See a GP if:

  • you keep getting signs such as lightheadedness and fainting

Treatment for Low Blood Pressure Depends on the Cause

If a cause can be discovered, a GP will have the ability to advise treatment to relieve your signs.

For example, they might recommend:

  • altering medications or changing your dosage, if this is the cause
  • using assistance stockings– this can enhance flow and boost yüksek tansiyon

Medicine to increase yüksek tansiyon is hardly ever required since basic way of life procedures or dealing with the underlying cause is generally efficient.

How to Ease Low Blood Pressure Symptoms Yourself


  • get up gradually from sitting to standing
  • make sure when rising– move gradually from lying to sitting to standing
  • raise the head of your bed by about 15cm (6 inches) with bricks or heavy books
  • consume little, regular meals– resting or sitting still for a while after consuming might likewise assist
  • increase the quantity of water you consume

Don’ t

  • do not sit or mean extended periods
  • do not flex down or alter posture unexpectedly
  • do not consume caffeinated beverages in the evening
  • do not consume excessive alcohol

Causes of Low Blood Pressure

Your yüksek tansiyon can differ depending upon the time of day. It slowly increases throughout the day. What you’re doing and how you’re feeling can likewise impact it.

There are numerous possible reasons for low blood pressure. It might be low since you’re healthy and fit, or you might have acquired it from your moms and dads.

Some individuals establish low yüksek tansiyon as they grow older.

It can likewise be brought on by:

  • being pregnant
  • some medical conditions, such as diabetes
  • some medications

Coronavirus (COVID-19) upgrade: how to call a GP

It’s still essential to get assist from a GP if you require it. To call your GP surgical treatment:

  • visit their site
  • utilize the your local doctor App
  • call them

Find out about utilizing the your local doctor throughout COVID-19